Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Look Workshop

The workshop was set in a pretty chillax atmosphere. And we had a chance to style our model and showcase our interpretation inspired from the 3 hottest runway looks!
 My favorite style probably has to be Baboushka! It is not a very common style. This style pretty much has a folkish flair and rustic Russian charm. It is all about fabric and prints and patterns which I seriously swoon over. It is like draping a piece of art over yourself!
Because it is so elabortated, you don't really need too ostentatious accessories, just a simple piece will do so as to not steal the limelight the apparels.
And my must-have on their new collection: the outer jacket. Classy piece and you can totally wear it to work! :)
new model armyThe most confusing look is the New Model Army Look. I have no idea why but I keep associating it with strong, military wear such as leather and studs. But from the lookbook, it seems that is actually a very simple design.
Despite being very simple, it is nowhere subtle. This style is actually something I can visualize myself wearing to work! :)
new army look
new army look1
I usually go for more bold style, so it kinds of surprise me that so many pieces in this collection actually caught my eye. I think it is due to the influence of my BF. He is now changing my style to suit his plain look which he deems it as more professional and clean-cut.
Grunge is possibly closest to my current style now. I think this style is very individualistic and I would see it as casual street-style. Generally, I would dress chunkily in this look. Lol! Lots and lots of accessories to show my personality. =P
My must buy piece is the flowery dress. I don't have much favourites because I have a lot of similar pieces at home. Honestly, I pick the floral dress because I lack such garden-like frocks in my wardrobe. Hehe!
And this is the look we created for Melissa. Although we didn't win, I know every girl is  envious of her! Look at how they eye on her swags!!! Haha. And I think the 3 of us makes a great style team. Our initials put together sounds like some great MNC corporation. Hehe!
To end off, do check out New Look Outlets and check out their collections! I think it is really cool. Maybe I will have a hand in styling myself soon with New Look Apparels. Also, quote "OMY BLOGGERS" and you will receive a 10% discount on regular-priced item! (Valid from 14-30 September 2013)
Haha my first Meme! :)

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