Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS! : A walk through time with SKECHERS

Well, just trying to ride on my Birthday luck to win myself a pair of Skechers. My friend's Mum a.k.a Aunty has one and it is really comfortable. I wanna have one too now that Skechers has so many frigging gorgeous designs that is suited for any lady of any age. *whines in despair*
(White for purity and Pink for a feminine touch)
pink and white
Back when I was in college, I only touched shoes which are white base and pink rimmed at the side. I know I am cranky as hell. And I can't help it. It was an obsession.  I am forever in the toilet hopping on one foot, polishing my pearly white sneakers. Somehow, everyone seems to enjoy trampling on white footwear!
Well, back then my school uniform was in light beige (so light sometimes I think it is just white).  Our school blazer and tie was Maroon red (a darker shade of pink only in my opinion). So humbly, I think pink-rimmed white sneakers perfected the school girl look. :P
(The Dark Pink Panther)
dark pink pantherThen when I move on to varsity, I need to catch my buses, trains and free buses. I wouldn't say I always intentionally leave the house late. I just don't give myself too much slack time. So, unfortunately, I always have to rush to school.
And shoes without laces are the perfect choice. Because it is easy to slip in. Even if I do have laces, I am too lazy to untie them and re-tie them. So hence my sneakers are always loose fitting if they have laces. :P
Always shoes
And back then, there were coursemates who commented that I have lousy fashion sense cos I wear sports shoes for everything even with shorts, skirts and informal dresses. Well guess what, fashion critics, nowadays pairing off with sport shoes are considered fashionable. I always knew I was a trend-starter! :P
To be honest, sometimes I also wear slippers cos it is just outside the door. And I can save one action of scouring through the shoe-drobe for my sneakers. *Guilty Confession on Laziness*
Lazy SHoe
The best of both worlds - mixing my sneakers with slippers. Would probably have been my favourite college footwear if I had own a set then. Sighs. But you lazy people out there, you are aware of this design now, thanks to me! So don't live your life in regrets. Haha. Go get yourself a pair.
(Classy and Sophiscated)
And I aged on...sadly to a age where I need to either find internships and work for money. And where people keep harping to me on being professional and exhibiting such professionalism in my dressing. Stressed.
In the Skechers collection, this is the one really looks passable for my office. Haha though it sparkles a little too brightly like stars in the sky. 
Obviously, my favourite corporate colour is black. This is me when I had still had my flowing black mane. Sobs. So black shimmery flats would probably go off nicely.
And tada I even got my lunch shoes ready! Can walk a thousand miles just to eat good food!
To end off, here's a video from Skechers !~!

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