Saturday, September 7, 2013

Black Box - August Edition

Neh, this isn't my Black Box. I wasn't that lucky to get mine twice in a row. This is my Mum's Black Box. She was waiting for it so long, she just gave up waiting. The last few times she saw me getting mine, she commented, it must be age discrimination, but you know what she doesn't care about getting her black box anyway! Talk about a huge fat sour grape!
I had to pretty much beg Mum to let me blog about her box. (Cos I am boring and is forever low on content. I probably need to explore Singapore more or surf the line more often for interesting stuff!) But still, I could see she was pleasantly surprised when she finally received hers! Haha!
August 2013
 I thought her box was more, well, less adventurous in my terms and the items were more of interest to an older lady. Generally, it is just very practical! Food stuff and toiletries, pretty much the favourites of my Mum. Haha! But I feel, August box is way better than July Box. Pfft~
It is pretty much the same as all the edition I have received apart from the Dettol bath full sample, wipes and tea. And I finally looked through Purer ingredients list and realised they use PURE BIRD NEST. Haha, conveniently took Mum's sample away. Anyway she doesn't count them anyway, she probably won't even notice one missing! :P
Last but not least, the link to get your own black box is here. Caring is sharing or is it sharing is caring?!?
And just some random rambling, I am so friggin excited, I have survived the 1 month and we are celebrating. My mum said I was so fat I am going to burst the seams of my dress. :( If you ever read this, MUM THAT WAS PURE MEAN!

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