Saturday, October 26, 2013

Disney Movie with Nuffnang: Thor!

OMG, he is back! Everyone knows him. Even one of my BFF who claims she is not into good-looking guys is head over heels in love with him!
Male or female, everyone love Thor! Yup, he is Thor! The man/ God which guys look in awe. Behold those bulging biceps. And every lady on Earth just wanna have his babies...haha!
Excited, that's a total understatement, I am way beyond that. I am ecstatic, crazy irrationally fanatic to catch Thor! I missed him once on the silver screen due to my exams. This ain't gonna to happen again. NO WAY! 
Now I am here, sorry Jane dear, but the lady to hold this man's hand this time round is going to be me! (For Thor, I have grown bitchy... :( )
If I had Thor’s Mjölner for a day, I am going to smash the moon into smithereens which would become beautiful stars. As they slowly fall back onto Earth, we will have a night of billions falling stars. Ah, where every dream comes true...sigh.
I know it is kinda of stupid yea. Just for a pretty sight, we will live in darkness for eternity. Maybe I will smash half a moon then. A girl can always dream. :)
thor poster
I am so going catch it this time round. You should too! Catch Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World” in Singapore cinemas this 31 October 2013! For more updates, like the Official Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Singapore Facebook Page, and subscribe to the Official Marvel Singapore YouTube Channel!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

British Exchange

The first people that always come to my mind when I think of British fashion is never the celebrities. In fact, I believe it is actually the royal family who leads the trend.
Princess Kate. She is possibly one of my most favourite fashion icon. I like her simple smile and au naturel make-up. It is just letting your inner beauty shine. And like I think it is the smile that always complete every look, making her look radiant, approachable and gorgeous.
Even for the make-up, I think it is the best to keep it minimal. Use what you need and what you don't need, just save it for next time. I would say for Kate's make-up, it is not about changing your whole face but maybe just correcting some minor blemishes here and there.
I use my finders to blend most of the time. I started off with the Primer and then a sunscreen. Using a tiny droplet, I spread it around my whole face. Next, I put on liquid concealer for my dark eye circles and the pimples appearing on my cheeks. I finished off this flawless look with powdered foundation.
** Do note that; whatever you do to your face, be gentle. And always do it in an upward motion. (To act in the opposite direction of gravity ;P)
Before After
As you can see, I managed to correct the marks on my cheeks to be less visible. The pimple is still there though cos it is big but it less red. I realized this morning I have uneven eyes!!! But this should be easily corrected by a shifting of focus.
And if I let my hair down, I definitely look so much more presentable. Haha. Usually, I am fine stepping out of the house like this. But today, I shall deceive the world just a little and accentuate my natural features just a little more.
Final touch up
For the finishing touches, I just added mascara (every girl's must have!) And before that, I curled my lashes so that I can have Tweety bird eyes. I used golden eye shadow cos I wanted a little bit of sunkissed look.
Lastly, I puckered up for the kiss of natural beauty with Body Shop's Coral Kiss Matte (315). It is part of the  Colour Crush collection and it has a feminie taste of rose scent. It is not over-powering in fact it was very delightable! Hehe!
I picked this tone because it was the nearest to my lip colour. And so nobody would guess I am wearing lipstick. Everyone would just think I have such moist luster lips :P 
all beautiful
And voila, this is how I look with my make-up. No blush, cos Londoners are always deary for their gloomy weather ;P

As you can observe, I still look pretty much the same. Better and more radiant complexion probably and a more dewy lip tone. To correct the uneven eyes, instead of an overly elaborated eye make-up, I decided to shift the focus to my lips instead, by making it look soft and kissable HAHA. 
Don't I look pretty? Hehe!
kate22Inspired from the British princess herself, I paired the make-up with a trench coat. I chose a sleeveless one because Singapore is too warm for a full-sleeved one. Since Kate is all about simplicity, I picked a pair of summer boots in mocha brown along with a milk chocolate brown file clutch.
It is all about being natural, so this look has to be something that anyone can be comfortable walking out in. Also, I did not straighten my hair. I just sprayed some anti-frizz oil and I think I am ready to go :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guess - Where I went?

Guess people, guess, where did I go?
It was quite a blogger-studded event. All beauties!
Beatrice was there!
Qiu Qiu too! (Practicing photo editing ;P)
Rachell attended too (Woa she really does looks hot in real life!)
Guess event
I think I have been giving so much frigging hints that everbody probably knows what event it is already by now!!! Haha! Did I hear Guess Watches Event!!! So smart of you!
The event was rather short though. But I was sick anyway, so I can't really stay that long. Feeling sleepy with medication :(
And OMG the exclusive tote we all received is super deceiving. You know it looks like demin but I think it is a soft water-proof like fabric with demin designs printed on it! Speechless, totally speechless and I love it too haha!
There is also a instagram contest. Do join, you may stand to win a Guess watch of your own. They have really some super fanciful design. Self-explanatory photo attached below :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Evolution of the Luxury Watch

Today I shall play teacher and bring you people through a history lesson. Hopefully, you will leave this site feeling more educated, sophisticated and knowledgeable.

Watches tell us the time, but now we shall walk through time with the evolution of luxury watches. It is really interesting to know some trivial facts. You will soon know the first luxury watch, the top grossing branded watch brand, the most popular luxury watch brand and the most complicated timepieces.


Evolution of the Luxury Watch

Personally, I really like Cartier and Omega. What differentiates luxury timepieces is their excellent craftsmanship and exceptional quality satisfying the need and desire for opulence as we transcend through time with age.

While our generation is moving towards checking time on our mobile phones, sometimes I feel it is really empowering to wear watches. Strapping time to your wrist, making sure every moment shall freeze in time with our memories. Beautiful isn't it?

Leaving you all with a quote on time:

The time is always right     To do what is right
                                                                                  -- Martin Luther King

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Air Connection: Treating every aircon with tender loving care

Do you know that your air-con at home has to be maintained at least once a quarter?
This is to ensure:

  1. Cleaner and Healthier Air
  2. Better efficiency (which means cheaper bills too!!!)
PicMonkey Collage
Dad was particularly happy about this review because he is the air-con quarterly handyman at home. So when he heard Air Connection was coming down, he was extremely cheery as he had one more strike-off his house chores list! Haha.
And Dad, thinking he is Mr Know-It-All did supervise the cleaning for a while on false pretext on photographing on my behalf. He wanted to make sure the technicians were really doing their work. And halfway, Dad decided they exhibited good professional services up to his satisfaction and wandered off for grocery marketing instead.
Note how the removal of the dust balls after cleaning and servicing of my house air con!
For the review, Air Connection kindly checked the wire connections for safety issues as well as the cleaning of the blades. They also checked my compressor. I realised sadly that the air-con in my room is going to spoil in due course. But I greatly admired the way they did not hard-sell their products. I sort of expected the technician to convince me to change the whole system.
Instead, he advised it wasn't economical to change the air-con since it was old and was pretty much working fine apart from the noisy growling sound it made when on. He just told me to use it till to death do us part. 
And I have to say their technicians shows real dedication to their work. They were on time (early in fact). They had no qualms about answering my a bit silly questions sometimes. I was eager to know more and they were quick to educate. Also when told I had actually 4 air-cons in the house, they just gamely offered to clean all 4! And did in within 30 minutes. Quick and good!
Climb out
And one of the technician even climbed out my window to check the compressor!!! I know even now you are impressed with Air Connection!
Oh ya, and random knowledge of the day: the pressure has to be at 60 to be healthy at least for both my compressor which they were. Haha :)
Keep your cool through the scorching heat with the help of Air Connection now! I had a super cool and breezy sleep that night!
I have linked their Facebook. So go check them out and the other reviews by other bloggers :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pretty Little Things Part 2

Hip Hip Hooray, it is time for Pretty Little Things Part 2. This time, I have 3 wear-ables sites to share with you people. Hope you like it.
Milta Moda
If you are in for rainbow coloured apparels with hand woven or hand embroidered embellishments then you are in luck. The goods at Milta Moda are all handpicked, through fair trade by blogger Dus and her husband in Mexico.
I don't think we see much of such designs in Singapore. I personally am a huge fan of the handwoven friendship belt since you can wear it on your head or even on your waist. Really versatile!
And if you are into supporting local brands, Rock Indigo is a new company set up by Singaporeans based in Melbourne. They are currently offering free shipping worldwide if you spend up to 80 dollars. And for my readers, you can get a 15 per cent discount for all items! Yeah!
Love bags? I think you will love this site! Although they don't have too great a selection, the bags that they hold currently are very trendy and pretty. I started trying to select the top 3. After that, I just gave in to temptation and had to stop myself from highlighting every bag Haha!
I tried compiling their dresses too. And I came to this realization I love their stuff! And there was really no point in compiling something if you are going to put everything in it. If they had a brick and mortar store back in town, I would have went there and whored myself in all their apparels and accessories. Haha :)
Also they do have a collection of boys and girls apparels. I sort of checked them out too. Guess I am interested what Little Me could wear one day. :)
Lastly, be prepared to feast your eyes on something sensual. Under the root is by far one of my favourite intimate label. The designs are so whimsical, so fantasy-like, the inspirations inspired by fables.
Whether it is lingerie, loungerie and boudoir accessories, you are bound to find something you like. And their photos and choice of models is just fantabulous! I think I am in love. Hopefully, you are too :)
I guess we have come to the end of our PLT Part 2. Till next time,we will see more interesting brands. *Winks*

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Flawless has many Faces: Laura Mercier

LM_F13_Flawless Face
I managed to get myself invites into the  Laura Mercier's Flawless Face MasterClass. I am now one step closer to becoming a man-made beauty! Yipee!
I must be the most clueless student there because I don't usually put on make-up during off days. Actually sometimes, I don't put on at work too. There were a lot of first time moments. But it was worth it because I finally know the steps to flawless make-up without damaging my sensitive skin.
Being kind as usual, I am going to share with you the secret. :)
PicMonkey Collage
I know a lot of people don't really use Primer. But today, I have learnt  that primer acts as an invisible layer to protect the tiny powder from entering our pores. It also absorbs the make-up better, allowing the make-up to stay colour-true all day. :)
Possibly the must-have product of the day. It doubles up as a sunscreen as well as a BB cream.
Next in line is the concealer. The face concealer is really good cos you can blend the colour until the correct shade before applying on your face. I have really dark eye rings so I was recommended another concealer for the eyes.
The last and final step to having a lasting make-up all day! :)
Make Up
My favourite product ever! You just have to put on one colour on your eyelids and you can create a gradient of colours as though as you have a whole palette of colours! Talk about value for money. :)
Anyway as you are putting on your eye shadow, you are supposed to draw tiny semicircles (not greater than your eye sockets) on top of you eyelids. And end it off at your last eyelash so that you won't have droopy eyes.
I love mascara. I think every woman love mascara. It makes your eyes pop and you will have eyelashes like Tweety. OMG! I just freaking love mascara although removing is a real chore. Bleh.
Remember to smile when you put blush on the apple of your cheeks!
If you don't put any make up, it is a must to swipe some colours on your lips. Just a coloured lips would brighten the whole face!
Tada~~~ You will end off with a gorgeous face like this! I ended up looking so au naturel my BF can't really tell the difference. It is quite upsetting when he is so oblivious! Oh wells...haha