Saturday, October 12, 2013

Air Connection: Treating every aircon with tender loving care

Do you know that your air-con at home has to be maintained at least once a quarter?
This is to ensure:

  1. Cleaner and Healthier Air
  2. Better efficiency (which means cheaper bills too!!!)
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Dad was particularly happy about this review because he is the air-con quarterly handyman at home. So when he heard Air Connection was coming down, he was extremely cheery as he had one more strike-off his house chores list! Haha.
And Dad, thinking he is Mr Know-It-All did supervise the cleaning for a while on false pretext on photographing on my behalf. He wanted to make sure the technicians were really doing their work. And halfway, Dad decided they exhibited good professional services up to his satisfaction and wandered off for grocery marketing instead.
Note how the removal of the dust balls after cleaning and servicing of my house air con!
For the review, Air Connection kindly checked the wire connections for safety issues as well as the cleaning of the blades. They also checked my compressor. I realised sadly that the air-con in my room is going to spoil in due course. But I greatly admired the way they did not hard-sell their products. I sort of expected the technician to convince me to change the whole system.
Instead, he advised it wasn't economical to change the air-con since it was old and was pretty much working fine apart from the noisy growling sound it made when on. He just told me to use it till to death do us part. 
And I have to say their technicians shows real dedication to their work. They were on time (early in fact). They had no qualms about answering my a bit silly questions sometimes. I was eager to know more and they were quick to educate. Also when told I had actually 4 air-cons in the house, they just gamely offered to clean all 4! And did in within 30 minutes. Quick and good!
Climb out
And one of the technician even climbed out my window to check the compressor!!! I know even now you are impressed with Air Connection!
Oh ya, and random knowledge of the day: the pressure has to be at 60 to be healthy at least for both my compressor which they were. Haha :)
Keep your cool through the scorching heat with the help of Air Connection now! I had a super cool and breezy sleep that night!
I have linked their Facebook. So go check them out and the other reviews by other bloggers :)

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