Wednesday, October 23, 2013

British Exchange

The first people that always come to my mind when I think of British fashion is never the celebrities. In fact, I believe it is actually the royal family who leads the trend.
Princess Kate. She is possibly one of my most favourite fashion icon. I like her simple smile and au naturel make-up. It is just letting your inner beauty shine. And like I think it is the smile that always complete every look, making her look radiant, approachable and gorgeous.
Even for the make-up, I think it is the best to keep it minimal. Use what you need and what you don't need, just save it for next time. I would say for Kate's make-up, it is not about changing your whole face but maybe just correcting some minor blemishes here and there.
I use my finders to blend most of the time. I started off with the Primer and then a sunscreen. Using a tiny droplet, I spread it around my whole face. Next, I put on liquid concealer for my dark eye circles and the pimples appearing on my cheeks. I finished off this flawless look with powdered foundation.
** Do note that; whatever you do to your face, be gentle. And always do it in an upward motion. (To act in the opposite direction of gravity ;P)
Before After
As you can see, I managed to correct the marks on my cheeks to be less visible. The pimple is still there though cos it is big but it less red. I realized this morning I have uneven eyes!!! But this should be easily corrected by a shifting of focus.
And if I let my hair down, I definitely look so much more presentable. Haha. Usually, I am fine stepping out of the house like this. But today, I shall deceive the world just a little and accentuate my natural features just a little more.
Final touch up
For the finishing touches, I just added mascara (every girl's must have!) And before that, I curled my lashes so that I can have Tweety bird eyes. I used golden eye shadow cos I wanted a little bit of sunkissed look.
Lastly, I puckered up for the kiss of natural beauty with Body Shop's Coral Kiss Matte (315). It is part of the  Colour Crush collection and it has a feminie taste of rose scent. It is not over-powering in fact it was very delightable! Hehe!
I picked this tone because it was the nearest to my lip colour. And so nobody would guess I am wearing lipstick. Everyone would just think I have such moist luster lips :P 
all beautiful
And voila, this is how I look with my make-up. No blush, cos Londoners are always deary for their gloomy weather ;P

As you can observe, I still look pretty much the same. Better and more radiant complexion probably and a more dewy lip tone. To correct the uneven eyes, instead of an overly elaborated eye make-up, I decided to shift the focus to my lips instead, by making it look soft and kissable HAHA. 
Don't I look pretty? Hehe!
kate22Inspired from the British princess herself, I paired the make-up with a trench coat. I chose a sleeveless one because Singapore is too warm for a full-sleeved one. Since Kate is all about simplicity, I picked a pair of summer boots in mocha brown along with a milk chocolate brown file clutch.
It is all about being natural, so this look has to be something that anyone can be comfortable walking out in. Also, I did not straighten my hair. I just sprayed some anti-frizz oil and I think I am ready to go :)

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