Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pretty Little Things Part 2

Hip Hip Hooray, it is time for Pretty Little Things Part 2. This time, I have 3 wear-ables sites to share with you people. Hope you like it.
Milta Moda
If you are in for rainbow coloured apparels with hand woven or hand embroidered embellishments then you are in luck. The goods at Milta Moda are all handpicked, through fair trade by blogger Dus and her husband in Mexico.
I don't think we see much of such designs in Singapore. I personally am a huge fan of the handwoven friendship belt since you can wear it on your head or even on your waist. Really versatile!
And if you are into supporting local brands, Rock Indigo is a new company set up by Singaporeans based in Melbourne. They are currently offering free shipping worldwide if you spend up to 80 dollars. And for my readers, you can get a 15 per cent discount for all items! Yeah!
Love bags? I think you will love this site! Although they don't have too great a selection, the bags that they hold currently are very trendy and pretty. I started trying to select the top 3. After that, I just gave in to temptation and had to stop myself from highlighting every bag Haha!
I tried compiling their dresses too. And I came to this realization I love their stuff! And there was really no point in compiling something if you are going to put everything in it. If they had a brick and mortar store back in town, I would have went there and whored myself in all their apparels and accessories. Haha :)
Also they do have a collection of boys and girls apparels. I sort of checked them out too. Guess I am interested what Little Me could wear one day. :)
Lastly, be prepared to feast your eyes on something sensual. Under the root is by far one of my favourite intimate label. The designs are so whimsical, so fantasy-like, the inspirations inspired by fables.
Whether it is lingerie, loungerie and boudoir accessories, you are bound to find something you like. And their photos and choice of models is just fantabulous! I think I am in love. Hopefully, you are too :)
I guess we have come to the end of our PLT Part 2. Till next time,we will see more interesting brands. *Winks*

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