Thursday, November 21, 2013

Step by step: I am 1

Feeling somewhat excited and happy like a proud mummy now because my blog is now 1 years old!!! Okay, it is not exactly very old but still I think ForFunk has made pretty significant gigantic baby steps to be where it is now!
Of course, I have to say, blogging nearly 100 posts in a year means that:
  1. I have been somewhat disciplined in my course of pursuing the art of writing and reviewing.
  2. As an individual, I am growing more interesting, having the chance to try out new, fascinating products out in the market.
  3. Out of the near 100 posts, I have a few much better posts that have won me some sweet treats :)

And I wouldn't been able to do all these without them.
Sponsors-1 year
I definitely want to thank them for the trust and faith they had in me. After all, I am new, young and still growing. So really appreciate the vote of confidence there. I think i missed  out a few because of some awfully belated reviews. I will update this thank you collage...real soon. This is too small to do these brands justice!!!
Dear Santa Letterform
And for the next year ForFunk,
Mummy wishes to have more time for you so that you will grow and produce better writing. May your review and photography skills improve further so that you give better value for your sponsors. And win a few contests too! Make Mummy proud!!!
I think at this point in time, ForFunk is open to review invites but not paid reviews. Partially, it is to retain the integrity of the blog and also because I don't feel we are ready for that. We got definitively more growing up to do.
ForFunk is mainly about anything fun and funky. Do feel free to approach us if you find that we are a good fit for your advertising needs.
We say a loud resounding YES to:
  • Toy reviews - I love toys so much. I really can't say no!
  • Fashion related reviews - There is never too many clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for a girl like me!
  • Spa/ Facial/ Hair/ Gym/ Nails - Simply because I am a user of such services and swear by them
  • Events invites - I am tragically boring and I need such stuff to occupy my time...
  • Food reviews - I actually won the first blogging contest in the category of food. I don't really see myself staying out of it forever...haha
  • And lastly anything that is totally unconventional that nobody wants to write about it, just try hitting me up :)

Thank you all so much for reading dear strangers...
you take me one step closer to a writer's dream...<3

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