Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Toy Story: Mini Me with nanoblock

Nope, it's not magic but my Fortune Cat at home has shrunken to a mini height of not more than 6cm! Incredulous, isn't it? Such detailed precision despite being so small in size.
I am pretty most of you have seen nanoblock even if you don't know they are called nanoblock. So far, I have seen them in bookstores and even in Singapore Science Center!
They are pretty much like Lego bricks just that they are extremely small with the smallest part being a mere 4x4 mm. Despite being so tiny, they are equally precise and fits perfectly on each other and provide BIG GREAT (oh the irony, LOL) fun even for a young lady like me. :)
Fortune Cat
The finishing product I have to say whether from the back, the front, or even from the side, it is detailed and looks good from all angles.
And I really like the fact that it is not too difficult to build even though the blocks are really small. The really difficult block is those 1" x 1" tiny pieces. Because it is so small, even I seem clumsy with them.
And since it is a mini little project, it doesn't really take much time. I took about 15 minutes in all and this includes setting up the camera. You can check out my video below. 
  • You can paste the stickers on both sides so that your Fortune Cat can show 2 well-wishes.
  • It is a lot more easier to build them if you rotate them as you build instead of positioning it at the same place. (I did that when I was filming initially.)
  • The smallest block is the toughest one cos it is hard to push something tinier than a seed of an apple into the right position.
Spare pieces
  • Don't sweat too much if you lose a piece. Each set comes with extras. And if worse comes to worse, you can always contact their distributor, Lancashire Marketing!
  • For newbies, don't worry there's a guide to show you step-by-step. And when you grow to become an expert, you will be able to even build minions with the spare blocks you accumulate!!! :) :) :)

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