Sunday, December 15, 2013

I am now sponsored by Aupie!

Dear Santa,
thank you for giving me a great X'mas this year!

To all my beloved readers, I bring you great news! I am now being sponsored by Aupie. (Check my side link!) This means every month, I will be receiving some nice stuff which I will be flaunting to you kids. :P
This is really a big milestone for ForFunk! There is now less to fret for every LOTD. :) Less wrinkles and white hair for me. Soon, I will look as though I drank from the fountain of youth. :) 
In my excitement, I have compiled my potential loots to my beach resort trip :)
** For every little thing you point, you can accumulate points (rebates) for your next purchase! Good deal, isn't it?

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