Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Welcome to the B.A.N.D

I know you are curious. Hey, what's the band? Well it is the Blogger's Appreciation Night (hosted by) Domino. Lol. I petty much coined up the term myself. You are forgiven if you have never heard about it.
This is held in appreciation of all Domino's fans and supporters. Despite this being my first Domino's Blogger Event, I have to say I am kinda of impressed by the number of food tasting session Domino has held for bloggers over the years!
Apart from some casual chit-chat, there's a lot of delicious pizzas, finger food and my favourite dessert - Chocolate Lava Cake!
From left to right:
Crazy Chicken Crunches
Golden Roasted Drumlets
Onion Rings (It was really good. Would have finished the whole thing just that I am afraid people will STOMP me.. oops)
Prawn Sensation
Chili Chicken with Cheesy crust
Choc Lava Cake
Yummy, sigh. Super delicious. The chocolate was thickly good. I love it icy cold though. Maybe you guys can try it when you are too full and save it for the next day in the fridge. :)
And some interesting Domino Facts :)
  • All the food are cooked in the oven! (Healthy)
  • Pizzas can be booked 7 days in advance
  • GPS Tracker - whereabouts of the pizza can be cooked
  • Up to 5 addresses can be registered in the online account
And we all bought home a Domino Calendar...Yeah! Mummy love the discount coupons at the bottom. More pizzas next year? Haha, maybe baby!

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