Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nuffnang Lovin’ Christmas Countdown Part 2: Christmas Party Snacks with Ayam Brand

Yeah, I guess this year X'mas just came early today. Was invited by Nuffnang to join fellow bloggers to learn and feast on some Christmas snacks made using Ayam brand products.
Food Playground
I was actually feeling pretty excited because I wanted to go down to Food Playground for the longest time. And as what many bloggers have raved, it is really indeed a very casual kitchen for you to hone your culinary skills. The BF will probably be glad that I have finally re-learned the proper way to hold the knife (pretty much stopped cooking after I came back from overseas *gives sheepish look*)
I know my chef hat looks terrible. Sian, I have really no artistic talent in me. 
Food PlaygroundI learned a total of 3 recipes from the great masters who taught us with great enthusiasm. And I can now flaunt them during any gathering or parties I host. The Christmas Barley Salad was particularly easy and considering I am a salad lover, I think I am probably going to prepare this dish quite often.
The Chilli Tuna Curry Puffs are a little tougher, will probably wait for the occasion to call for it to be presented HAHA. Mummy can't wait for me to start doing my Vietnamese spring rolls ;P
And to my team, thank you so much for helping with all the tedious preparation work. Honestly, I am so bad at cooking, I can only do all the easy tasks. Kinda of paiseh about it, even though I am silent about it. *Awkward Grins*
I will practice harder and the next time you see me in a cooking event, you know I am bringing home the big prize for you *Smiles*
Group Presentation
This isn't magic, but with the same food, these are the dishes the other groups came out with. I can't stress the importance enough on food presentation. All my friends are always bemused and irritated by how long I can spend arranging my food. But seriously, it can either make it or break it. Sigh, you guys just don't get it do you? LOL!
At least now you do :P
Thank you really Ayam Brand and Nuffnang and Food Playground (my bf wants to thank you too), cos you guys have sparked a little flame for cooking (the fiery little passion growing each day)! I thought I liked cooking but I didn't know I love it so much Haha!
With all my stash of products, I think I will be experimenting cooking. Geez, hopefully this don't become a food blog soon.LOL!
Signing off with a lovely group photo :)
P.S: Probably heading down to Food Playground soon with an army of coy people or BF :)

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