Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Promise of Playful nights

You don't have to be naked to be sexy
--Nicole Kidman
And I am starting to have a sense of maybe it's true. Foreplay is definitely more erotic than actual sex itself. After all, our minds and imagination have no boundaries.
And to arouse, I think lingerie works best. It is somewhat modest but yet revealing, leaving lots of space for the mind to wander, fantasize and eventually explore. 
Playful Promises
I am recently introduced to Playful Promises, and boy its name does suggest a lot of kinky, cheeky bedroom surprises and fun. Playful Promises is based in London with a wicked collection of flirty lingerie clothing, swimwear, hosiery and accessories! First fashioned by Emma Parker in 2004, Playful Promises is now one of my dream dress-up boudoir. 
Nipple PastiesNipple pasties!!! I sort of flipped when I saw it. Haha! I think it is rare in Asia...or maybe not that rare just that I am a real nun. :(
Nonetheless, I still find the design intriguing and a nice nipple decor. :) So I thought, I just had to highlight this!!! Plus, it is at a humble price between 18-35 pounds. Definitely worth the money to add more sparks and variety into the bedroom activities!
And to those who are more conservative in nature. Here are some apparels that are really gorgeous. I have shortlisted the sheer bow blouse and kimono jackets. I really love the way the kimono jackets are paired with the corset! Strikingly stylish!
From Left to Right:
And finally, (drum rolls please) presenting my ultimate favourite piece!
The peach detail waspie! The lace, the colour, the details, it just makes me wanna go straight to the reveal just to flaunt this piece if it was on me.

I am not surprised if you are already clicking your way to Playful Promises. But, hey be nice and be kind, do save me a piece that I have just made known to you. I really like them you know!!! :P

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