Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bonne année!!

Bonne année!! Happy new year!!
It is a brand new year. And hopefully a good one too :)
I think 2013 has ended off on a pretty high note. I snagged myself the most boring yet somewhat entertaining guy in the whole world. LOL! Sounds like an irony. I have the "bestest" job ever. At least it fits my current lifestyle and priorities in life. Hurray!
Absolutely agree, new year are always a great time to embrace new beginnings.
I think my goals are clear:
  • Good Grades
  • Higher Pay
  • And continue being so cool 
  • Ok, and be a fantabulous GF :)
Ending off with a cute video I received this year as I venture to the west to celebrate while everyone makes their way to town. o.O

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