Thursday, January 30, 2014

Galloping into the horse year.

Hey all,
Saw this cute video and just had to share it :)
Have a prosperous CNY! Really enjoying this extended holiday, yipee.
Hope you guys get lotsa big Ang Paos to gallop into the Horse year Hee Haw!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

BF (Breakfast) for the BF (Boyfriend)

Cos the BF made me this. Yup nothing fantastic, tuna sandwich with egg. And apparently, the tomato is cut by his mum!!!
Talk about sincerity -.- Even his friend thinks it is kinda of gross.
And so, I returned the favour. But obviously being the better and more talented cook, I made something so much more aesthetic to the eye. It is really healthy too. We have bacon, eggs and sausages for proteins as well as lettuces, cucumber, tomatoes and even carrots for vegetables. And to top it off, we have honey stars as garnish to brighten up his day.
Winning his heart through his stomach, I think that is a fabulous plan. :)
And you know what is the sweetest way to pack a yummilicious breakfast?
Putting it in a cute Owl Lunch Bag. Yesh, it is just so Kewt. Especially if you put in a pair of kawaii chopsticks and an adorable toy for a finishing touch! It is just so my flavour. And I have to say I think I put in a lot more effort than him. :P
I am so sorry that this review is so behind time. PDDDNN delivered it a little too slowly despite being Singapore for the past 4 months. Tsk Tsk. But at least it is in time for the V-Day and makes a thoughtful surprise for V-Day. What do you think about this idea to charm the boys?
And I have to say this lunch bag is really good. Keeping my food cool (and warm) for 4 hours. I didn't test it till 5 hours. Will probably try it out soon. makes a great armswag too. <3 <3 <3
And go check out D&N, they have the most adorable pillows and luggage apart from their beautiful lunch boxes. I waited for nearly a year before getting to review this lunchbox. And guess what, it is worth waiting for. :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pretty Little Things Part 3

Nearly forgotten about this, here is Pretty Little Things Part 3. Haha, presenting to you the 3 new brands of the month...I have to pre-warn you, this time they ain't cheap at all.
KabuIf you are looking for some mind-blowing awesome foot-swag (if there is even such a word!), you just have to check out Kabu Shoes. It is an Aussie brand, designed by Denise Karas. 
The price is possibly one of the steepest I have introduced so far. But these shoes have exclusive, exotic design that is a real one-of-a-kind. I can totally imagine myself strutting down for a dinner in these paris of heavenly goodness and not be fretting about clashing. And one thing for sure, these pair of babies are going to make you the talk of the ball. (SAVINGS ALERT!!!) Please do click their link cos there is a flash sale going on! 
SaddlebackCraving for some leather, I have to recommend you Saddleback Leather. The designs are classic and simple, with a variety of 4 colours to choose from. Of course, the numbers are a little jarring. But you just have to pay for quality and design sometimes. Leather don't come cheap anyway. Even in Singapore, a decent leather bag would cost up to hundreds. At least Saddleback Leather comes with a warranty.
Here are some of my personal favorites: (For anyone who wanna gift Chaa anything, one of these would be good, hehe)
From Clockwise:
  1. Hobo Crossbody Purse - Hold Your Essentials With Style - $198.00
  2. Leather Clutch Purse - The Convenient Travel Partner - $131.00
  3. Gadget Bag - A Case to Hold Your Gear - $245.00
  4. Leather Satchel - The Ultimate Day Pack - $308.00
Need a gift for the men in your life? Then you really gotcha check out this site. :)
StyleUnoLast but not least, we have styleuno :) For fashion on a budget, the lone hood is one thing you should add on to your collection. Lonehoods attach to ANY button down shirt by attaching to the top button. The clips in the front allow the lonehood to be worn with any, or no clothing. Versatility and a creation of many looks with just one simple cloth!
Don't really want to write too much about it because there is a video all about it.

I hope you enjoy the 3rd installment of PLT. There is just so much cool things around the world to share. Can't wait to write the next PLT post. ;P

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Digital Art: Smiling with Krize

I know it is a bit early, but honestly V-day is less than a month away. Obviously I am fretting. I am worried about getting something not thoughtful enough. It is not always the guy who is always racking their brains for something special.
After all, guys need to be charmed and romanced sometimes, though rarely. Haha.
So my lover is a Gemini, double trouble Haha. 
LibraAnd, haha, I am the peace-loving, fair Libra (I happen to have a really fair complexion too. Hehe!)
And I noticed something, all her drawings in the Zodiac collection have freckles!!! Haha...

(Apparently this is so cos Kristina herself has many freckles :) )
Libra Gemini
The really fantastic thing about Kristina is that she allows you to personalise the prints. Well she suggested one of top of another. But I preferred having my guys protecting on both sides. Haha, surrounded my love :P
And you don't really have to worry about your prints getting bend. Mine came in really good shape :) :) :)
The board came from Camouflagen Cupcakes. Yes, I have done like a whole load of reviews for them already. I am like one cool Etsy fan.
Okay, so I sort of have the intention to frame up the picture. But currently it is not staying up very well. Probably need a glue gun or something. I have been dragging this review and gift for like so frigging long. I hope he is going to recieve it by Vday. But it is so pretty, I feel like saving it for his bday. =P
If you don't have any ideas for Valentine Day to charm the guy yet, do visit Krize Smiling Shop for some lovely inspiration. Oh guess why it is called a smiling shop?
Cos you always leave smiling, pleased with the service and product. (Y)

( Indeed is it called the smiling shop because Kristina wanted to make people smile with her art. Krize is her nickname. Her Aunt used to call her that when she was small. It means "the person who is laughing" in Lithuanian. )

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Free Samples: Sample Store Part 1

Check out what Bunny received in her little mail today...<3 Someone shown her some love...hehe
Using her nimble fingers, she opened the zip lock bag to find some samples safely wrapped in bubble wrap. Ooo... So what do we have?
We have got:
  1. Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Dna Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream - Is not too bad, but I prefer the current one I am using 
  2. *Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion - I LOVE ALL HADA LABO PRODUCTS ENOUGH SAID!!!
  3. ElishaCoy Always Nudy CC Cream - Came free, not too bad, but I wanna use up my old BB cream first. haha...don't waste money
  4. *Darlie Double Action Enamel Protection Toothpaste - value for money sample
  5. *Darlie All Shiny White Toothpaste - Enamel White - value for money sample
** Check out my reviews on My Sample Store and sign up through this link. Now Bunny can't wait to redeem more stuff. So what should I get? Geez...

Not too bad a loot, shall source out more value for money samples and share with you guys. Those with a * are super worth it to redeem :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: ChaaYen and her udderly sMOOth toes

To start of 2014 with a huge gigantic bang, I won the the Mix & Match Anything Goes Category in the Udderly Smooth Crazy Nails Contest courtesy of Tymco Singapore . :)
Okay, I have to admit Mix & Match Anything Goes does sound a little like me. My pet phrase is "Whatever Works"! Lol! Guess I must be no doubt the winner that literally screams out the theme!
Originally made for cows to smoothen their chapped, cracked and dry udders, this product is found to work with the same effects for human. In U.S., it is a well-raved brand even appearing on Oprah Winfrey's show!!!
I am pretty excited to try it out really because I have really dry and chapped toes. :( I think is genetic because my mum have toes that peel too. But I don't like it cos when I wear slippers, it just doesn't look that great. And so far moisturizer do work for about like half an hour and then it is back to looking "peely" and flakey. :(
before afterHeh, I know it is a really gross photo of my big toe. But just look at the effect. Do you see all the dry patches gone!!! And it lasted like this the whole day. It is just so fantastic!
Bless the lord!!! And so in 2014...Chaa Yen finally has gorgeous beautiful toes. :)
~The End~

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

3D2N @ Bintan

First trip of 2014, First chop of the year out of SG and First trip with the BF...haha.
The aim of the trip was to well take a short break and to know him (personality not body OK!) better.
We stayed at Nirwana Resort Hotel for 3D2N. Okay, on the 2nd day, the weather was really bad so we couldn't really do much but stay in the room. Otherwise, Bintan is definitely not as boring as what many claim to be. It is just slow and relaxing. Best of all, they accept SGD, you even save yourself the trouble of changing money.
The hotel itself was pretty good. Came with free breakfast too. HAPPY!!! :) We had a nice beach. Since it is off-peak, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves...private beach woohoo...
Wore couple Tee with BF one of the days. It was totally conincidental. We threw a pretty big fuss debating over who was the one with the fashion sense such that the other copied the style -.- Place a nice heart on his face to protect his identity...thoughtful much :)
Food is definitely one of the most important element in every trip. Spice Restaurant is our personal favourite. In fact, we went there twice. The food is just good and reasonable. I think we paid around SGD 50-60. And...*drumroll please*, there was sea view. You definitely cannot get this in Singapore!!!
D' Bintan
Another one of my favourite is at the Kelong. It is NOT the Kelong at the resort! It was tied in with the massage at D'Bintan. You can just google online and you can find their booking details. I think they are one of the more affordable spas in Bintan. :)
And for all this scrumptious seafood, we only paid SGD 20 per pax. *faints in delight* I personally love the Kang Kong and the soup. My BF was just super into the crab. Value for money, no doubt about that.
And some of the activities we did at Bintan was the ATV (slightly more expensive than the rest of the activities but it was worth it. BF happily wanted to be pillion rider so that I can show him my maneuvering skills LOL!) and kayaking. 
We explored the area a lot. And tried out luminous bubbles. I saw it online but dang it didn't work out. My bubbles didn't glow in the dark. :( And haha, innovativeness at its finest, we forgot to bring a rubber band so we just used my hair clip. LOL!
It was really fun in Bintan. I guess I had good company. Hope my write-up benefits you. When I was there, I was also Googling and reading reviews. Just want to give you guys more idea as well as document down some nice personal memories :P
Till next time ~~~

Friday, January 3, 2014

Review: Insomniac no More with Ennora

Do you stay up at night with a wandering mind?
Are you a fan of yoga and meditation?Ennora
Check out Ennora - The Binaural beats are of 2 different frequencies which will induce lower brain frequency and bring our mind into a state of relaxation.This can help reduce stress and anxiety, giving us a better night's sleep.
It is also said to improve memory. I am not sure if my memory is getting better. But one thing for sure, I am having better rest. I don't wake up as frequently in the night anymore. :)
Ennora album
Here is the playlist I sampled:
  1. Astral Projection - Reminds me of the rubbing of 2 Gongs against each other
  2. God Consciousness - Really like it. The pitter patter of rain drops slowly dripping down the roof
  3. Perfect Sleep - A relaxing melody. Something you will hear at a spa
  4. Recharge & Refresh - Sounds like God Consciousness with a more obvious frequency in the background
  5. Chakra Balance - Also like God Consciousness with a higher frquency in the background
  6. Deep Concentration - The flowing of a river stream complemented by birds singing a merry tune
  7. Crystal Clear Mind - A simple flute tune with birds chirping
  8. Lucid Dreams - Does resemble Electro-pop. But it is really soothing and not at all annoying
Don't over think, sometimes it is great to relax, chill, listen to some rhythmic beats and fall into a deep slumber.
Cos keeping up awake all night really and truly -- sux.

--Sponsored by Ennora