Wednesday, January 8, 2014

3D2N @ Bintan

First trip of 2014, First chop of the year out of SG and First trip with the BF...haha.
The aim of the trip was to well take a short break and to know him (personality not body OK!) better.
We stayed at Nirwana Resort Hotel for 3D2N. Okay, on the 2nd day, the weather was really bad so we couldn't really do much but stay in the room. Otherwise, Bintan is definitely not as boring as what many claim to be. It is just slow and relaxing. Best of all, they accept SGD, you even save yourself the trouble of changing money.
The hotel itself was pretty good. Came with free breakfast too. HAPPY!!! :) We had a nice beach. Since it is off-peak, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves...private beach woohoo...
Wore couple Tee with BF one of the days. It was totally conincidental. We threw a pretty big fuss debating over who was the one with the fashion sense such that the other copied the style -.- Place a nice heart on his face to protect his identity...thoughtful much :)
Food is definitely one of the most important element in every trip. Spice Restaurant is our personal favourite. In fact, we went there twice. The food is just good and reasonable. I think we paid around SGD 50-60. And...*drumroll please*, there was sea view. You definitely cannot get this in Singapore!!!
D' Bintan
Another one of my favourite is at the Kelong. It is NOT the Kelong at the resort! It was tied in with the massage at D'Bintan. You can just google online and you can find their booking details. I think they are one of the more affordable spas in Bintan. :)
And for all this scrumptious seafood, we only paid SGD 20 per pax. *faints in delight* I personally love the Kang Kong and the soup. My BF was just super into the crab. Value for money, no doubt about that.
And some of the activities we did at Bintan was the ATV (slightly more expensive than the rest of the activities but it was worth it. BF happily wanted to be pillion rider so that I can show him my maneuvering skills LOL!) and kayaking. 
We explored the area a lot. And tried out luminous bubbles. I saw it online but dang it didn't work out. My bubbles didn't glow in the dark. :( And haha, innovativeness at its finest, we forgot to bring a rubber band so we just used my hair clip. LOL!
It was really fun in Bintan. I guess I had good company. Hope my write-up benefits you. When I was there, I was also Googling and reading reviews. Just want to give you guys more idea as well as document down some nice personal memories :P
Till next time ~~~

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