Saturday, January 25, 2014

BF (Breakfast) for the BF (Boyfriend)

Cos the BF made me this. Yup nothing fantastic, tuna sandwich with egg. And apparently, the tomato is cut by his mum!!!
Talk about sincerity -.- Even his friend thinks it is kinda of gross.
And so, I returned the favour. But obviously being the better and more talented cook, I made something so much more aesthetic to the eye. It is really healthy too. We have bacon, eggs and sausages for proteins as well as lettuces, cucumber, tomatoes and even carrots for vegetables. And to top it off, we have honey stars as garnish to brighten up his day.
Winning his heart through his stomach, I think that is a fabulous plan. :)
And you know what is the sweetest way to pack a yummilicious breakfast?
Putting it in a cute Owl Lunch Bag. Yesh, it is just so Kewt. Especially if you put in a pair of kawaii chopsticks and an adorable toy for a finishing touch! It is just so my flavour. And I have to say I think I put in a lot more effort than him. :P
I am so sorry that this review is so behind time. PDDDNN delivered it a little too slowly despite being Singapore for the past 4 months. Tsk Tsk. But at least it is in time for the V-Day and makes a thoughtful surprise for V-Day. What do you think about this idea to charm the boys?
And I have to say this lunch bag is really good. Keeping my food cool (and warm) for 4 hours. I didn't test it till 5 hours. Will probably try it out soon. makes a great armswag too. <3 <3 <3
And go check out D&N, they have the most adorable pillows and luggage apart from their beautiful lunch boxes. I waited for nearly a year before getting to review this lunchbox. And guess what, it is worth waiting for. :)

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