Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pretty Little Things Part 3

Nearly forgotten about this, here is Pretty Little Things Part 3. Haha, presenting to you the 3 new brands of the month...I have to pre-warn you, this time they ain't cheap at all.
KabuIf you are looking for some mind-blowing awesome foot-swag (if there is even such a word!), you just have to check out Kabu Shoes. It is an Aussie brand, designed by Denise Karas. 
The price is possibly one of the steepest I have introduced so far. But these shoes have exclusive, exotic design that is a real one-of-a-kind. I can totally imagine myself strutting down for a dinner in these paris of heavenly goodness and not be fretting about clashing. And one thing for sure, these pair of babies are going to make you the talk of the ball. (SAVINGS ALERT!!!) Please do click their link cos there is a flash sale going on! 
SaddlebackCraving for some leather, I have to recommend you Saddleback Leather. The designs are classic and simple, with a variety of 4 colours to choose from. Of course, the numbers are a little jarring. But you just have to pay for quality and design sometimes. Leather don't come cheap anyway. Even in Singapore, a decent leather bag would cost up to hundreds. At least Saddleback Leather comes with a warranty.
Here are some of my personal favorites: (For anyone who wanna gift Chaa anything, one of these would be good, hehe)
From Clockwise:
  1. Hobo Crossbody Purse - Hold Your Essentials With Style - $198.00
  2. Leather Clutch Purse - The Convenient Travel Partner - $131.00
  3. Gadget Bag - A Case to Hold Your Gear - $245.00
  4. Leather Satchel - The Ultimate Day Pack - $308.00
Need a gift for the men in your life? Then you really gotcha check out this site. :)
StyleUnoLast but not least, we have styleuno :) For fashion on a budget, the lone hood is one thing you should add on to your collection. Lonehoods attach to ANY button down shirt by attaching to the top button. The clips in the front allow the lonehood to be worn with any, or no clothing. Versatility and a creation of many looks with just one simple cloth!
Don't really want to write too much about it because there is a video all about it.

I hope you enjoy the 3rd installment of PLT. There is just so much cool things around the world to share. Can't wait to write the next PLT post. ;P

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