Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: ChaaYen and her udderly sMOOth toes

To start of 2014 with a huge gigantic bang, I won the the Mix & Match Anything Goes Category in the Udderly Smooth Crazy Nails Contest courtesy of Tymco Singapore . :)
Okay, I have to admit Mix & Match Anything Goes does sound a little like me. My pet phrase is "Whatever Works"! Lol! Guess I must be no doubt the winner that literally screams out the theme!
Originally made for cows to smoothen their chapped, cracked and dry udders, this product is found to work with the same effects for human. In U.S., it is a well-raved brand even appearing on Oprah Winfrey's show!!!
I am pretty excited to try it out really because I have really dry and chapped toes. :( I think is genetic because my mum have toes that peel too. But I don't like it cos when I wear slippers, it just doesn't look that great. And so far moisturizer do work for about like half an hour and then it is back to looking "peely" and flakey. :(
before afterHeh, I know it is a really gross photo of my big toe. But just look at the effect. Do you see all the dry patches gone!!! And it lasted like this the whole day. It is just so fantastic!
Bless the lord!!! And so in 2014...Chaa Yen finally has gorgeous beautiful toes. :)
~The End~

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