Sunday, January 19, 2014

Digital Art: Smiling with Krize

I know it is a bit early, but honestly V-day is less than a month away. Obviously I am fretting. I am worried about getting something not thoughtful enough. It is not always the guy who is always racking their brains for something special.
After all, guys need to be charmed and romanced sometimes, though rarely. Haha.
So my lover is a Gemini, double trouble Haha. 
LibraAnd, haha, I am the peace-loving, fair Libra (I happen to have a really fair complexion too. Hehe!)
And I noticed something, all her drawings in the Zodiac collection have freckles!!! Haha...

(Apparently this is so cos Kristina herself has many freckles :) )
Libra Gemini
The really fantastic thing about Kristina is that she allows you to personalise the prints. Well she suggested one of top of another. But I preferred having my guys protecting on both sides. Haha, surrounded my love :P
And you don't really have to worry about your prints getting bend. Mine came in really good shape :) :) :)
The board came from Camouflagen Cupcakes. Yes, I have done like a whole load of reviews for them already. I am like one cool Etsy fan.
Okay, so I sort of have the intention to frame up the picture. But currently it is not staying up very well. Probably need a glue gun or something. I have been dragging this review and gift for like so frigging long. I hope he is going to recieve it by Vday. But it is so pretty, I feel like saving it for his bday. =P
If you don't have any ideas for Valentine Day to charm the guy yet, do visit Krize Smiling Shop for some lovely inspiration. Oh guess why it is called a smiling shop?
Cos you always leave smiling, pleased with the service and product. (Y)

( Indeed is it called the smiling shop because Kristina wanted to make people smile with her art. Krize is her nickname. Her Aunt used to call her that when she was small. It means "the person who is laughing" in Lithuanian. )

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