Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Din Tai Fung Art of Making Xiao Long Bao workshop

DTFYeahhhh, I have to say I am a true blue DTF fan so I totally deserve a slot or 2 today. I was quite bumped when I thought I didn't get the invites. I was literally dying to learn how to make those dumplings. 
I think I was really hardworking. I took a lot of notes! FYI, I made nicer looking ones than the BF. The 2 prettier ones are my product haha. His looked like the paste is exploding out. Bleh. And he told he had fine culinary skills. Dots... But I have to admit he was good at rolling a circular skin.
Tosh and Wei Liang
Another highlight of the event was Tosh and Wei Liang. They are so dang tall in person. I made a conscious effort to stick to them. The media probably has to crop me out or something in their photos. Wahaha. I really wanted to get Wei Liang's signature and a photo with him. But time didn't permit that. Sianzzz. 
The lion dance (2nd one in CNY) is so so good. They attempted so much stunts. They were really energetic and engaging. Also, they did a 360 degree spin like a ballerina. I was really in awed with them. And I am one person who is usually unimpressed by most stuff. That's how good (and probably very expensive too) they are.
Din Tai Fung
To end off the event, they even served Ding Tai Fung high-tea set (from the appetizers and the dessert menu), along with Yu Sheng. So happy, this is my first time "lao-ing" with BF haha. And the food was really good. Our usual favourites were there: 小菜, 小龙包, 酸辣汤,炒饭!
I really like the fact that we got to try other stuff. The 洛神花冰 was fantastically refreshing. Can't remember its exact name but it was really good. The BF really liked the 蒜泥白肉. *New favourite* But of cos it should be rather fattening. The 蒜炒豆苗 was a little on the salty side, otherwise I would have loved it.The prawn cakes and dates (overly sweet, and you will get sick of it after taking 3) were good but not ravingly impressive as our favourites. Haha!
DTF goodiesAnd when we left for the day, we even had a goodie bag to bring back. The BF was seemingly pleased. "Woa got serve food still let us bring home so many things" He was totally beaming all the way home.
But Ding Tai Fung is really one generous and attentive host. Throughout the whole event, their chefs and waitresses would always be hovering around to attend to our needs if any. Lucky, pampered us! Everyone is offended that I bought the BF as the tag-along and not them. HAHAHA!
real xiao long baoAnd this is how the real 24-fold Xiao Long Bao is supposed to look like. I know after seeing this, you would think the one I made is a big fat joke. :(
I will practice and be better.  Overall, this is one of the BEST event ever! And this is definitely not a bias statement cos I am initially already a fan. Thumbs up!

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