Saturday, February 1, 2014

Forgotten Land: Haw Par Villa

welcomeAfter a gym session last week, dragged the loving BF to Haw Par Villa with me for a session of my favorite sport - slow walking and photography HAHAHA!
I really wanted to go Haw Par Villa to take some grad shots but everyone said it was too crazy. Oh well :( But just to prove them wrong, I took a few great shots of this forgotten land.
HPOf cos, everything looks a lot better with the iPhone. Haw Par Villa has been given new life with a fresh coat of paint. So now everything is more vibrant and less spooky, apart from the 10 levels of Hell, which still creeps me out.
Tiger Balm
The entrance fee is still free, although I strongly think it shouldn't. I really think a small contribution of $2 or something would be good. At least it could maintain the upkeep of the place. The podium is sadly deserted. (Check out top pic in collage.) Upsetting :(
A small little placement of products made me chuckle a little. In between 2 Sumo Wrestler laid a few packages of Tiger Balm. I dono what relationship does the brand have with the Japanese wrestler. Mind-boggling yet somewhat entertaining. Hehe...
I was overly fascinated with the pagodas there. I am not sure why. Maybe, in my past life, I was Ne Zha. Gosh ...
But I am always fascinated by architecture so it is probably no surprise I am drawn to it. :) And you know what, this place is really rather big, not huge but definitely not small either...
archesAnd presenting, my best photo of the day...I thought the tree was so irregularly fascinating and it really looked great in photos.
So did the arches in the area. Beautiful isn't it?
And to end off this post, Mr Heart Face Hahaha. Yup, I am his greatest stalker, taking photos of him taking photos of turtles LOL and making him pose like a model around the park. <3

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