Friday, February 14, 2014

Promotion: BF in Probation to Jnr BF Intern

Puppy Love
Dear all,
Happy V-day or Friendship Day! Whatever it is, it is a day to celebrate all forms of love not just romance. :)
GiftsI am so lucky guys don't compare V-day presents. If they do so, he would probably cry buckets of tears and can cold war with me for a good 2 months. LOL!
I suck in handicraft. Have you ever seen an ugly minion? Gosh. And I "got" him a wallet cos I burned a hole in the last one LOL! I will buy him another next year after I set a grenade and explode this one. This "materialistic guy" still complain looks "Pasar Malam". And to redeem myself, I got a power bank which I personalise for him. (So that he will always be contactable, what a scheming woman I am!)
For the special night, The French Ladle was chosen cos I read a lot of good reviews on it and it seems cosy, affordable and serves tasty French cuisine. And these seemed to be all his requirement. What a *Cheapskate* LOL!
And when he feast his heart out, all I had was a piece of tiny bread...</3
Kidding la..We both had great, delectable food. Good things should be shared. :)
French Ladle
The place itself was really small and so were the table, tiniest I have seen so far. So so much intimacy in a good way, LOL.
The starters weren't to my taste and I did regret a little choosing this place. He, on the other had said they were good. But the onion soup just blown me away. It was so worth going there just for the soup *swoons in delight*
And the main course tasted really yummy just that it was a little cold maybe cos we drank the soup too slowly. The lobster was fresh and the fish skin was marinated in such a way that it was so frigging delicious. <3
I Like You a Lottle
We wanted to end V-day with a nice photoshoot like the pair of penguins. It was so difficult. I had a hard time finding a black hoodie. Had to settle with my blanket. Bet you can't tell when I show you guys the pic later. And the 2 strands of hair sticking up...GAH...I nearly bald my head waxing, tying wires etc on it. And in the end, you can't see it standing sobs.
Sometimes I wonder why I come up with such stupid ideas...and why doesn't he stop me :(
We took 2 sets, but the other set is harder to block his face. I couldn't risk his secret identity being exposed!!! 
I know the penguins are still cuter...And I got a magic wand for V-day?!?!? lol...

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