Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: Travel Lo(r)

For me, I am really concerned about smelling good even when I am traveling. I like to keep the same scent. But for now, when I go on short trips out of Singapore, I usually just use sample perfumes. It is not too bad an option, just that I smell different everyday. ('.')
Not sure if you guys have seen this product before? I saw it at the 7-eleven once and was curious to test it out then. Any idea of what it is yet? :p
Yup, it is Travalo !!! I got the gold and silver one cos I love gold. It is classy and rich. Hehe. I got the other silver one for my BF cos he thinks silver is unassuming and simple. Lately, I am very into creating couple stuff. #ForeverHoneyMoon. He hadn't really got his Travalo yet cos he needs to earn it LOL! No intention of letting him lay his paws on something that cool yet.
And so I tested it out. It is really simple to use. All you have to do is open the tip of your perfume bottle (Yeap, Flora Gucci is my favourite) and pump it in as shown on the instructions.
I did have my doubts at first. At the bottom of Travalo was this weird looking rubber hole. And the tube of my perfume couldn't really fit in the tiny hole. But I gave a shrug and I pumped it. And holy moly, it was sucked in. I have no idea what this technology is, but seriously I am kinda of impressed.
And to know it is really working, you will see some liquid in the tube. Initially it was empty of cos. And when you transferring over to Travalo, there is no messy dripping or anything. Not a single drop loss.
And I can't help but love how portable it is. Just the size of my lipstick, I can slip it into my bag. Sweet as a pea. :)
If anyone of you also one to get a Travalo for yourself or your loved one, please visit their website. Like their FB page to enjoy an additional 2 years warranty (not that you need it. Their product looks pretty solid to me!) My BF updates will be up once he earns it. So stay tune to this post!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Freeing SG: Can you escape?

Freeing SG
Ever wondered what it is like to be trapped in a room and to escape, you have to solve a series of questions etc.
Yeah, I was invited to Freeing SG, courtesy of Nuffnang. Honestly, I was kinda of looking forward to it. I saw on TV and thought it seemed a pretty novel concept. It seemed to be one of those experiences you would put in your checklist. Freeing SG is based on the "Freeing HK" model which gives players the experience of a lifetime as you rack your brains to escape a “real-life” situation. Inspired by virtual “Escape Room” video games and web-based browser games, Freeing SG takes the experience further by immersing players in a physical reality (5D!!!) to solve puzzles first hand.
Freeing SG2
So there, we were split into teams of 6. It was kinda of awkward at first. Despite being possibly one of the oldest, I am pretty sure in the grey matter department, I wouldn't be much of a help. We had to search for clues, solve puzzles and uncover secrets within a given time limit to find our way out. *stressed*  In this type of situation that test our wits, I am usually more comfortable with friends. But my team mates are pretty cool after we broke the ice. Being with strangers stuck in a locked tiny room isn't that bad! Hehe...
Freeing SG 1
 I am not really allowed to post too much photos. But these are some that I am allowed to share. Our room is totally the coolest. :) Hahaha. Overall, I would say it is really a great team-bonding exercise. There is never a boring or dull moment. Of course, as the clock is ticking, you will still feel the pressure rising. It is a rather great form of entertainment that makes you work your brain a little.
Anyway, just a side note of caution, my room is not for the faint hearted. I screamed on time. I am quite timid and I really don't like scary stuff :(

And to end off, a nice group photo. For more information, please click here. There are currently 4 themed rooms and it is growing. Shall not say more to spoil the on-start of a good research. Let you guys start to practice using some brain cells now. ~~evil
Freeing SG 3
Freeing SG
Address: Level 7, Bugis +, 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067 Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs : 11am – 10pm (last game will be at 10pm)
Fri & Sat : 11am – 1am (last game will be at 12am)
Mon – Fri, before 5pm: $22 per person Mon – Fri, after 5pm: $28 per person Sat, Sun & PH: $28 per person 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Great BBQ Cookout Buffet

BBQ Cookout
Singapore is definitely one of the least conducive country to diet in. There is always good food everywhere! Yummy, right! This is where I went for scrumptious dinner. Buffet where you can serve me a storm yet none will survive my chomp :)
Fried MaggieOkay, in my defense, I had a light lunch. BF and I cooked fried maggie, which wasn't very successful. The noodles were a little too soggy. I think I didn't fry enough garlic but it is a really healthy meal. :)
Turf Club
My first time at the Orchid Country Club, BF been there before (as usual very adventurous, go here and there without me :( )
Back to topic, Vanda Terrace was gorgeous. It reminded me a lot of Spice Gardens at Bintan with a similar resort relaxing atmosphere. Instead of the sea view, we had a luscious view of the Golf Course green grass. And with the draught in Singapore, greenery is now a luxury. 
Making you guys hungry with all the food right? The variety wasn't a lot. There was only one soup choice, a small salad bar, and of course it was compensated by a huge variety of BBQ goodies. The BF really love the Tiger Prawn. He had 4!!! I had 2 grilled sting rays. <3 Another of his favourite were the sausages. He had 2. :)
There were also dessert and fruits. For desserts, we had 2 types of cakes, which were surprising good. Yea, I am so used to buffet serving cakes that are easy on the eye but not worth the calories. But these 2 were great. I am sorry for the lack of photos, BF was too busy eating and I was too fixated with him looking so satisfied with his meal. Hahaha. In fact, I had a good deal of photos of him munching around. Superfan!
So sad to say goodbye, I kept wanting to going back my "hotel room". Honestly, it is a beautiful place to get away from the bustling city life. And I think it is quite a hot favourite for people to get married or have a nice, romantic V-day meal.
Kinda proud of myself, I showed a lot of self-restraint and not over-eat :) 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ship Ahoy: An ocean of food

out at sea
I think it has become clear how I put on so much weight. I have been eating non-stop on cruise. Now, I am feeling a mixture of regret and satisfaction?!? I am such a glutton. The food was just soo good. I will let the pictures do the talking.
Check out my dinner. So dang much food and mind you, it is only one meal. Ahhh.... It was the first day, I thought the calories can't catch up with me that fast :S
Breakfast...Indeed I thought I was breaking fast (which obviously I apparently didn't fast). What was I thinking when I over-eat like this? *sobs*
And for lunch, I thought I needed a lot of energy for the activities. And again, I indulge in food. Gah...
The last meal 
And the last meal, I must have been so afraid that the fridge would be empty and that I will probably never eat such great food (and not pay a cent) that I could consume so much. Gosh...
Before you guys judge, I am not anorexic or anything. I just want to tell you it is super unhealthy to overeat. I have now put on so much weight, it is tragic. I wished I had more self-restraint when it comes to delicious food. :(
Nonetheless, the cruise trip is enjoyable. And I really like the farewell my waiters gave. And if you guys wanna criticize me or drop me words of encouragement or malice to motivate me or feel awful about my eating habits, you can always drop me a e-mail. 
Happy weekends. And remember don't feed yourself too much good food. It is sinful!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

LOTD: Religiously Fuchsia

It has been like a good long time since I did a LOTD. Feeling kinda of miserable lately cos I am feeling fat so I avoid taking such photos. Still feeling crappy, but less (maybe it is the haze, it is driving my sad hormones crazy)
Wearing my prayer bracelet a lot more now, it is a time where I need faith and I really like how close it is to me. I love how the baby blue is easy to match and how intricate the cross is. Meaningful accessory.
Felt a lot chirpier when I saw my rope sandals in the mail. Have been waiting for it for so dang long. But it is worth the wait, I really do adore the fuchsia pink. And it makes me feel like a gladiator. Empowering :) And you know what, it is very comfy. No wonder the Caucasians enjoy wearing such sandals.
Got a Taylor Swift - lookalike dress from Runway Loft. It is probably this that is making me disappointed. Their service is really good though. The design is really something unique. But I think I fail to do this dress justice. :( Shall try to trim the fat a little. Geez
Religiously Pink.jpg
Flora Collar Dress: Runway Loft
JC Sandal, Camel and Fuchsia: Nomadic State of Mind
Light Blue Prayer Bracelet: 33 Knots

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ship Ahoy: Bye Bye SG

For everyone who did not know, I went on a Caribbean cruise on the Legend of the sea.
It was such great fun and I took over 200++ photos on my iphone over a short span of 2 days. That is not even inclusive those from the family camera. :P
ParadeAnd on the first day, we were welcomed by the parade of crew as well as mascots. Felt a little like I was in a theme park. And I was totally shocked by the exploding red ball that announced the start of the parade.
Savoy TheatreSavoy Theatre is probably the heart of all big shows and programmes. I think I spend a good deal of time on board watching the 3D movies and Caribbean singers and dancers. Aunties and Uncles who don't really understand English may not like it. But since my last trip, I think they had put in more programmes to cater to the mandarin speakers. 
For me, I like such stuff. I am always clapping and cheering along. I prefer such participative atmosphere. Haha.
Ice SkatingYou may not be aware, but Legend of the Sea is the first vessel with an ice skating ring!!! And you get to skate on it too! It is not that big as JCube but it is decent. I did had a go on it and I think I want to learn how to ice-skate.
Oh yeah, there was this Russian ice-skater that was dangerously good-looking. But he had some attitude issues. Otherwise, I may refuse to step foot on land ever!!!
so many things
Apart from the ice rink, there is the rock wall, skate ring, miniature golf, pool, blah blah blah. The list really indeed run on.
And the photo whore in anyone would emerge. There are so many photo worthy places. Even Dad was like giving orders to take photos of him. -.-
IMG_1479And when the programme director tells you, the bed is for decoration only, he is not joking. Look, I only pose with the bed. Hahaha. There are so many frigging things to do that I think I came back sleep deprived.
Will probably do another post on the food soon. Cos I have so much photos of them. -.- Heez.