Thursday, March 6, 2014

LOTD: Religiously Fuchsia

It has been like a good long time since I did a LOTD. Feeling kinda of miserable lately cos I am feeling fat so I avoid taking such photos. Still feeling crappy, but less (maybe it is the haze, it is driving my sad hormones crazy)
Wearing my prayer bracelet a lot more now, it is a time where I need faith and I really like how close it is to me. I love how the baby blue is easy to match and how intricate the cross is. Meaningful accessory.
Felt a lot chirpier when I saw my rope sandals in the mail. Have been waiting for it for so dang long. But it is worth the wait, I really do adore the fuchsia pink. And it makes me feel like a gladiator. Empowering :) And you know what, it is very comfy. No wonder the Caucasians enjoy wearing such sandals.
Got a Taylor Swift - lookalike dress from Runway Loft. It is probably this that is making me disappointed. Their service is really good though. The design is really something unique. But I think I fail to do this dress justice. :( Shall try to trim the fat a little. Geez
Religiously Pink.jpg
Flora Collar Dress: Runway Loft
JC Sandal, Camel and Fuchsia: Nomadic State of Mind
Light Blue Prayer Bracelet: 33 Knots

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