Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: Travel Lo(r)

For me, I am really concerned about smelling good even when I am traveling. I like to keep the same scent. But for now, when I go on short trips out of Singapore, I usually just use sample perfumes. It is not too bad an option, just that I smell different everyday. ('.')
Not sure if you guys have seen this product before? I saw it at the 7-eleven once and was curious to test it out then. Any idea of what it is yet? :p
Yup, it is Travalo !!! I got the gold and silver one cos I love gold. It is classy and rich. Hehe. I got the other silver one for my BF cos he thinks silver is unassuming and simple. Lately, I am very into creating couple stuff. #ForeverHoneyMoon. He hadn't really got his Travalo yet cos he needs to earn it LOL! No intention of letting him lay his paws on something that cool yet.
And so I tested it out. It is really simple to use. All you have to do is open the tip of your perfume bottle (Yeap, Flora Gucci is my favourite) and pump it in as shown on the instructions.
I did have my doubts at first. At the bottom of Travalo was this weird looking rubber hole. And the tube of my perfume couldn't really fit in the tiny hole. But I gave a shrug and I pumped it. And holy moly, it was sucked in. I have no idea what this technology is, but seriously I am kinda of impressed.
And to know it is really working, you will see some liquid in the tube. Initially it was empty of cos. And when you transferring over to Travalo, there is no messy dripping or anything. Not a single drop loss.
And I can't help but love how portable it is. Just the size of my lipstick, I can slip it into my bag. Sweet as a pea. :)
If anyone of you also one to get a Travalo for yourself or your loved one, please visit their website. Like their FB page to enjoy an additional 2 years warranty (not that you need it. Their product looks pretty solid to me!) My BF updates will be up once he earns it. So stay tune to this post!

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