Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Great BBQ Cookout Buffet

BBQ Cookout
Singapore is definitely one of the least conducive country to diet in. There is always good food everywhere! Yummy, right! This is where I went for scrumptious dinner. Buffet where you can serve me a storm yet none will survive my chomp :)
Fried MaggieOkay, in my defense, I had a light lunch. BF and I cooked fried maggie, which wasn't very successful. The noodles were a little too soggy. I think I didn't fry enough garlic but it is a really healthy meal. :)
Turf Club
My first time at the Orchid Country Club, BF been there before (as usual very adventurous, go here and there without me :( )
Back to topic, Vanda Terrace was gorgeous. It reminded me a lot of Spice Gardens at Bintan with a similar resort relaxing atmosphere. Instead of the sea view, we had a luscious view of the Golf Course green grass. And with the draught in Singapore, greenery is now a luxury. 
Making you guys hungry with all the food right? The variety wasn't a lot. There was only one soup choice, a small salad bar, and of course it was compensated by a huge variety of BBQ goodies. The BF really love the Tiger Prawn. He had 4!!! I had 2 grilled sting rays. <3 Another of his favourite were the sausages. He had 2. :)
There were also dessert and fruits. For desserts, we had 2 types of cakes, which were surprising good. Yea, I am so used to buffet serving cakes that are easy on the eye but not worth the calories. But these 2 were great. I am sorry for the lack of photos, BF was too busy eating and I was too fixated with him looking so satisfied with his meal. Hahaha. In fact, I had a good deal of photos of him munching around. Superfan!
So sad to say goodbye, I kept wanting to going back my "hotel room". Honestly, it is a beautiful place to get away from the bustling city life. And I think it is quite a hot favourite for people to get married or have a nice, romantic V-day meal.
Kinda proud of myself, I showed a lot of self-restraint and not over-eat :) 

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