Saturday, April 26, 2014

Natural smells good to me

you smell niceMy brother's room smell like musty old socks with dirty old laundry. I am not exaggerating. It really does stinks. But lately, I am venturing into his unchartered room to take a whiff. 
It smells nice. Yup, you haven't heard it wrongly. It smells good, somewhat addictive, therapeutically relaxing.
Origo Creation
And this is all thanks to Origo Creation reed diffuser. No flame, No soot, No worries. It is very kids friendly. You don't have to fret about a burning curtain someday or kids setting the house on fire. I have to say despite being highly concentrated, the scent is not overpowering and is perfect to those who are sensitive to smell. There are 5 different scents in total, namely Chance, Believe, Wisdom, Eden and Faith (arrange according to popularity).
And one little bottle is good enough for an entire room. Sometimes it diffuses out a little. Each room now has its signature scent. My brother is using Wisdom for his upcoming examinations. The kitchen was Chosen and the living room is now the Garden of EdenBelieve is now residing in the Master's bedroom and I am grabbing hold to Faith. :)
SimpleIt is definitely no fancy brand, simple in its packaging. After you have finished up your fragrance, you can easily buy a refill pack! That's a lot more economical. For the eco-friendly, I suppose you could recycle the bottle after that. :)
And now to put my writing skills to the test, I will be describing each scent to you since you can't really smell it :(
Chosen: A fruity smell, somewhat like a tangy orange
Believe: The most feminine of the lot, reminding me of a sweet cherry ready to be popped (that's why it is in the master's bedroom...okay bad joke but it does have a cherry scent)
Wisdom: Freedom fighters you will love it, it has a breezy lingering fragrance to it. So bring yourself to new heights with this!
Eden: I personally don't really like Eden. I thought it was a little masculine. It has the strongest scent among the 5.
Faith: It is a light fruity smell. I can't figure out the fruit though. Berries maybe. But I like it cos it is confusing and makes me feel like twirling...Hehe
I know describing the scent is making you even more curious right? You could always pop down to Origo Creation and have a brief sniff. And tell me how apt is each of my write-up :)
10Each diffuser comes with 10 reeds. But those who are not very sure about reeds, let me tell you more :) Reeds are the other alternative to candles.  You just simply have to insert them into the bottle. The oil will then wick up the reeds and scent the rooms for months. As the reeds are porous, they can pull the liquid from the bottom to the top via diffusion, thus releasing the fragrance into the air. You just need to flip the sticks once a week to help further dispense the scent. Easy right?
Before After
So after about 1.5 weeks, you will notice a drop in the liquid. Hmm...from the decrease, I am guessing it can last about a good 3 months. I don't put it under strong sunlight and my room is only air-conditioned at night. You do observe the reeds going brown as well right? I am using 3 reeds cos I always see the show flats using 3. Haha. But I think it is a little too much for my room since it is seeping out of my room. Geez...
And just to share with you some information I have learnt, fragrance and aroma oil are actually 2 different things. Haha, I always thought they were the same. Silly me. But fragrance don't have therapeutic effect. I have always been a loyal fan of the lavender oil. Guess what, always using the same oil actually makes you immune to its effects. Another oil I was recommended as an alternative is peppermint. It can help to relieve stress tension and sooth stress. And for ladies out there with menstrual cramps, you may want to consider Geranium to alleviate some of the menstrual discomfort. I suffer from them so I know how it feels :(
smelling youI know this post has so much information. It could be a little overwhelming for you. If you want to know more, I would suggest you drop Origo Creation a visit. Their friendly staff would be more than glad to assist you. Gonna end this post cos I wanna continue sniffing. Haha, sounding like a real fragrant addict...Tata~~Till next time

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Make a Statement - Totally Jewel

You know, when they say that the accessories will either bring out or break the look, it is absolutely true. For working executives out there, if you have a nice statement piece or chunky accessories matched with a simple little black dress, it can really make you look professional and stand out.
Courtesy of Totally Jewel, I have 3 pieces of jewelry that will help me prove my point. :)
If you are not really that tech savvy, the Totally Jewel site is really easy to navigate. I am not really some online guru, so if I can do it, I am pretty sure you will have no issues trying to make your purchase.
It came by post in a water-proof package *Thumbs-up* And was neatly wrapped in tracing paper which was further protected by bubble wrap. Needless to say, my accessories came in good condition which left me happy and pleased.
Check out the pieces I picked (actually my BF picked them from my shortlisted few)!!! I am really in love with the White Belt Bracelet. The clasp is really special. I have a belt ring too. Too bad, I doubt they will go well together since they are of a different style. The Coco's Lover Necklace looks totally sophisticated and really classy.
I received the cuff too. It is a really lovely design and wrapped itself snugly around my arm. Unfortunately the welding was not really well done. A little of a dampener. But a comforting fact - it is not really that visible unless you look particularly close at it.
Ready for Work
For my early morning, rise and shine look, I paired up the Coco's Lover Necklace with the White Belt Bracelet. It adds a demure touch to the power woman get-up brought up from the little black dress. White, Gold and Black, I always feel that this is the perfect colour combination of the corporate get-up. Whatya think?
After a hard day at work, the cuff would add a touch of fun to parteh all night long. I thought it was easy. Just a change of the cuff and va-va-voom the whole look changes. From professional executive to a sleek wild animal. And it is not that heavy to put a cuff and bracelet in your bag...Tee-Hee
Tone down sea shellsIt was not really until the end of the photo-shoot I realize the back of the necklace looked like pretty little seashells. Geez, 2 necklaces for the price of 1, good deal isn't it? Can actually use the back of the necklace if I wanted to opt for a more understated, tone down look :) And before I forget, sign up with Totally Jewel, and you will get a 10 dollars off voucher!
Honestly, their stuff are very lovely and their price is even lovelier if there is such a do stock up at Totally Jewel if you need some embellishment to give your boring ole closet a little omph. Cheers to another workday :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Relationshit - Caution! May Contain Love

Relationships aren't always a bed of roses. As the romance flickers, sometimes you may suffer the burnt of a fiery passion.
Fortunately, I have yet to suffer a real heartbreak. But I have seen my friends around me who have experienced such pain and anguish. And honestly, I am at a loss of what to do. In the market, we have a lot of gift ideas for celebratory occasions. And it comes to misfortune, there is just a lack of alternatives.
LOGO- Molala-Logo-Full
Introducing Molala, a fun brand born from "black humour in pink". Molala is a gift store that is dedicated to bad days. Yup, that's no slip of the fingers. It is a gift store to tide you and your friends through the bummer days. The gifts available are very intriguing and hold some element of surprise. But I do have to caution that they are only suitable for friends who can take some tongue-in-cheek humour. Definitely not for the prudes.
Gift Baskets
Here are some of the many gift baskets they hold in the breakup collection (From top left clockwise):
Sister Before Misters Kit: $69.99
Easy Come Easy Go Kit: $39.99
Good Girl Gone Bad Kit: $99.99
Better Than Sex Kit: $199.99
Pick your Own
To give it a more personal touch, you also have the option of customising your gift baskets :)
From top left clockwise:
Revenge Voodoo Doll: $19.95
Sunshine Tissue-Cigarette Box: $7.95
Heartless Cork Coaster: $7.50
Silver Fortune Cookie Box: $19.95
"Burn Your Past" Eco-Soy Candle: $16.95
Paycation Collection Postcards: $17.00
Lucky Penny: $15.00
"For Big Mistakes" Eraser: $7.95
Easy Come Easy Go
I was sent the "Easy Come Easy Go" kit by the lovely Vene and Judith. The delivery took about 3 days and everything arrived in good shape apart from the chocolates. It was slightly melted. But of that is expected. Mine didn't come with a basket so I took the liberty to re-arrange it for a photo shoot :)
HeTox Collection Postcard
These are how the postcards looked and the back is just a nice blank for you to scribble some love notes and seal it with a kiss. I really love the 'Caution May Contain Love'. The irony just made me chuckle. Hur-hur-hur. My knight in shining armor turns up to be an idiot in tin foil...and the white charger he is on is merely just a mule...LOL I came up with the second half of it.
Sleepy Yummy
And of course it came with the Sexy Firefighters Eye Mask. Close your eyes to dream of hot packs and abs...hmm yummy...hehehe...The chocs were really "scrumalicious" and dangerously sinful, from Lindt :) Singapore is really warm so it came melted and a little out of shape. I think if you are staying overseas, you should avoid including food in the gift basket. Either  that, you could always buy a bar to replace it yourself. 
MyTakeYourCakeThe favourite product of  Vene and Judith is the tasty Perfect-Ending Brownie. I am not too sure whether it can be delivered in one piece. My take on the favourite product is the "Ring for a Cuddle" desk bell. It can be used even after the break-up. Ring for a cuddle from your new love...hugggs :) 
PackagingAnd check out their gorgeous packaging, I did a re-arrangement. Maybe you guys can do that too to display the gifts to your loved ones? Do you think Vene and Judith may hire me for my "open-packaging"? Added some hand-folded stars for a dreamy feel. 
Hope you like my review on Molala. Now you know where and how to mend a heartbreak?

Thursday, April 17, 2014


As opposed to many veterans out there, I am not a seasoned blogger. The hype on blogging came around when I was in my mid-teens but I never did really caught on the craze, partially cos I did not have a personal laptop.

I only first started blogging during my uni days. I had a course on e-commerce. And I had not not slightest idea about html, social media what-not. So in order not to screw up, I started my own blog. What was a better way to learn about something by trying it out yourself right?

I think, therefore I Blog...Plus I guess I was a little bored
Every time I meet another blogger or media executive, the question "why you blog?" always pop out. Many assume is for the free stuff and event invites. Yes, the frivolous aspect is somewhat tempting, but blogging is honestly tough work and the freebies don't make it worth the value as you progress along in life.
I blog because I love writing! :D I want to continue penning down lovely ideas and sell dreams and interesting products to people. Copywriting is like my part-time job. Coming out with a beautiful phrase to sum up an entire paragraph words, this challenges my language skills. And because of the need to churn out content to entertain my readers on a weekly basis, I have a lot of practice for my writing. And I am glad that perhaps because of my numerous posts, many have commented on my fine writing ability. :)
My Perspecive My reality
I love writing and I want to create words, to connect thoughts, to share my opinions and to connect to those who care
The thing is I like writing. So blogging isn't really that difficult for me. It is just another different platform. And it allowed to share my views and influence people all around the world.
And I am happy when my writings are appreciated and being shared by many. A writer yourself, I think you should start blogging too. Because it is the fastest way to get your words noticed. Power of the words no longer lie in just a pen, it is with the flying fingers across the keyboard.
Because I realize a picture speaks a thousand words, and a personalized picture speak a million thoughts
I wasn't really good at taking photographs but through blogging I have learned how to angle (not very at it, but I am always learning)! It brought out the arty side in me (In this posts, you will see never been seen photos that I was using for my other blog when I was still studying.)
From zero to something, blogging has taught me to overcome difficulties in life. I spent a good amount of time in the quest of perfecting the art of photography (kidding more like figuring out the fundamentals) when I was overseas fiddling with my lousy camera and toying with paint and powerpoint. Yup, be prepared to be impressed. All this drawings, sketches and pictures are hand-drawn via paint or powerpoint. :) I didn't even know I could draw before this.
Lorax Love
I want to celebrate each moment and live my life with countless different experience
No doubt, I am an experimentalist. I started off blogging about my everyday life, particularly documenting about my travels in Oslo which got me shortlisted for a book award. Yipee! And then opportunities to review movies came. I am a huge movie buff then, so blogging really did entice me when I was a student because of the money I could save as a student watching previews with my friends.
And...when I was a little kid, I wanted to be a movie reviewer (sheepish look) cos I can have free movies to watch. LOL! And I thought if I started as a blogger reviewer, day I might be those Straits Times reviewer!
Guess I started adoring reviewing from then. And I started ForFunk, to study "Funkiology" on the hunt and study of Funk! Plus reviewing blogs overseas seems to be all Mama Bloggers who probably has more free time on their hands. From the market studies point of view, there was a gap for young dainty little reviewers which I humbly think I fit the bill :P
Sad Tale
A path never to regret or forget
And after I enter the workforce, I found out that blogging taught me something - and that was to be able to more efficiently break the ice with strangers. Also, I can better pitch my sales across to people. All those events meeting up with people I don't know and seeing marketers had let me take away precious communication skills and hone my craft in articulation. :)
Also, there are always blogging competition for you to showcase your creativity and flair for marketing, bringing out your competitive spirit. So for those out there who are thinking about becoming a blogger, I say go for it. You don't have to do it for fame or popularity. You could do it to improve yourself, presenting the best of yourself to the world.
be the best
Wanna win an iPad Mini or 12-months blogging contract? You can enjoy the perks of being a Blogger too!!! Like The Influencer Network facebook page . Join them onboard at (No Registration Fee) and explore your dreams of becoming a popular and influential blogger in Singapore. Be proactive and take the first step to the many opportunities ahead!
i love being a blogger

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The City of Kre-O

If you have been following my blog long enough, you would have known by now I am crazy about Building Bricks and Nerf Guns as well as cute cuddly plushies.
I have never tried other building bricks apart from Lego. But haha, my caption won! (Am I funnily creative or what?!?) And I got myself a set of Kre-O Cityville Haunted Hideaway to test out.
I actually tried it out on the 2nd day of CNY when my BF popped over to my house *gasp* for the first time. Haha! I was quite worried there was nothing much to entertain him since we didn't have cable TV or anything so I smartly opened my box. He have never played with toy bricks before. 0.o Gosh what sort of childhood it is! So I thought "Hey, let's just share with him and not save it for my offsprings!" LOL!
It also explains why there is not a lot of photos cos he always think I am weird when I attempt to document every moment of my life down using my trusty camera phone. Geez
Happy Playing
Generally, I would say there is not much difference between Lego and Kre-O. I personally felt Kre-O was a little more challenging maybe cos I wasn't as used to it. They have more odd sizes brick, meaning more realistic modeling at the same time the structure is a bit less stable in my opinion. Still, I find it is good fun. My BF had a great time (I heart-ed out his face as usual but he is beaming behind those hearts...cute) And he has successfully built a miniature car with the help of the instructions manual. 
For couples, I think it is quite fun actually and builds teamwork. We were like separating the bricks and splitting up the task (and at the same time competing who was the smarter of the 2 as we built the landmarks). We took around 2 hours with food break in between. Healthy couple activities *Thumbs Up*
And Tada~~~ the product of our labour and love :) It is really quite nice and I would love to put it up on display. Actually, I feel like investing in such display sets. But I don't have much space at home to showcase them. My bro was like saying to dismantle it so that you can re-play them, value for money.
But I don't know I am not comfortable with destroying my hard work *sobs* Now we know how Hashbro etc earns money from people like me. We just keep buying don't we? I know there are a lot of cool toys out there lately. I will try to review them. But my Mum is not very supportive of me spending my money on them. So if there are any toy sponsors who want to collaborate on such review, do hit me up! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Smelling Good with Silky Girl

You know somedays I just feel like there is something going to happen, and I just don't know what it is yet. 
But yeah, now I know...Guess what I found in the mail. It just slipped out my mind I had a bottle of Silky Girl perfume concentrate coming.
French Sunflower
Just in case you are curious how does a French Sunflower looks like, it smells like my Gucci Flora - Gorgeous Gardenia. Despite being a concentrate, it is not overpowering at all. There is a slightly sweet scent to it and it feels pink and fluffy. One thing for certain, it smells really good, somewhat addictive. And the delicate design on the bottle cap is so pretty, I just had to snap a photo of it and highlight it.
This is my first roll-on perfume. My Mum was a bit "sian-ed" by it cos it is not hygienic to share. But the box, it should be yellow not pink, get youself a bottle too and tell me whatya think? :) It is part of the exotic flowers roll-on collection. Now I am curious about the other scents...hehe

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pretty Little Things Part 4

Can't believe how long it has been since I last introduced you guys to new shops and products. As usual, we are going to have 3!!! Yeah~~~and I tried to put in different variety of products so that there will definitely be one that capture your eye and hearts and possibly wallets...without further ado, let's roll
Tiffany Anne Studios
First up, we have Tiffany Anne Studios, also known as House of Stonez. Her designs are so unique. I particularly adore how simple and rustic each piece looks. A true blue artisan art! And if you have some designs you have in mind, Tiffany is more than willing to bring your visions to life. I am particularly impress with some of services she provide such as free lifetime repair and single earring replacement. Totally guilty for misplacing one earring! It is like losing one half of the perfect couple. :( So do check her shop up if you are considering buying some one-of-a-kind pieces to vamp up your style!

For you travelers out there, I have a "lobang" to introduce you guys to. It is The Hoboroll. For every seasoned traveler out there, the tip is always to travel light and pack little. But for women, this is no easy feat. I always want to look my best when I am overseas. And secretly, I abhor having to wear back the same set. I want to be a supermodel too, having a different style each day.
The eco-friendly Hoboroll works something like a bag back. It can be easily compressed, increasing space efficiency. You can now packed a lot more stuff! And what is cool about it, there are even compartments so that you can arrange different sets for each section :) Don't really want to drone on since the video pretty much speaks for itself.
Lucky Cat Vintage
Lastly, we have a cute fortune cat...hehe it reminds me of my nanoblock kitty. I hope you guys are up for some vintage fashion. The apparels that they hold are definitely those that would catch your eye. It is just amazing how they pair up and style all these looks. After you check out Lucky Cat Vintage, I swear you are going to start eyeing your Granny's wardrobe and Mama's closet.
This are some of my favorite pieces. I really love how they make the baggy pieces look so annoyingly chic and disturbingly stylish. It is inspiring isn't it? Something that you thought was so dang out looking so fabulously gorgeous. Do go to their web even it is just to check out their style. It is really an eye-opener!
I now you are enjoying the moment but I am afraid that's the end of our PLT part 4. Do stay tune for part 5! The hunt for interesting stuff is always on! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Cup full of fibre goodness

Do you absolutely hate veggies? Cos I got a solution for you Veggie haters. :)
I got to sample some Vital Greens. It is sachet of carefully blend of nutrient dense greens, vegetables, fruits and fibre. And good news, it is fit for vegans and vegetarians as well. Hurray!
Vital Green
You will be glad to know that they don't taste too bad. It has a really strong wheatgrass taste though. So if you love wheatgrass, downing this cup of pure and natural goodness can't be that bad. 
But I am a vegetable lover, so I am still not going to forgo my daily fruits and veg for this drink. This will be my supplement drink. Cheers to a healthy lifestyle! :)