Saturday, April 26, 2014

Natural smells good to me

you smell niceMy brother's room smell like musty old socks with dirty old laundry. I am not exaggerating. It really does stinks. But lately, I am venturing into his unchartered room to take a whiff. 
It smells nice. Yup, you haven't heard it wrongly. It smells good, somewhat addictive, therapeutically relaxing.
Origo Creation
And this is all thanks to Origo Creation reed diffuser. No flame, No soot, No worries. It is very kids friendly. You don't have to fret about a burning curtain someday or kids setting the house on fire. I have to say despite being highly concentrated, the scent is not overpowering and is perfect to those who are sensitive to smell. There are 5 different scents in total, namely Chance, Believe, Wisdom, Eden and Faith (arrange according to popularity).
And one little bottle is good enough for an entire room. Sometimes it diffuses out a little. Each room now has its signature scent. My brother is using Wisdom for his upcoming examinations. The kitchen was Chosen and the living room is now the Garden of EdenBelieve is now residing in the Master's bedroom and I am grabbing hold to Faith. :)
SimpleIt is definitely no fancy brand, simple in its packaging. After you have finished up your fragrance, you can easily buy a refill pack! That's a lot more economical. For the eco-friendly, I suppose you could recycle the bottle after that. :)
And now to put my writing skills to the test, I will be describing each scent to you since you can't really smell it :(
Chosen: A fruity smell, somewhat like a tangy orange
Believe: The most feminine of the lot, reminding me of a sweet cherry ready to be popped (that's why it is in the master's bedroom...okay bad joke but it does have a cherry scent)
Wisdom: Freedom fighters you will love it, it has a breezy lingering fragrance to it. So bring yourself to new heights with this!
Eden: I personally don't really like Eden. I thought it was a little masculine. It has the strongest scent among the 5.
Faith: It is a light fruity smell. I can't figure out the fruit though. Berries maybe. But I like it cos it is confusing and makes me feel like twirling...Hehe
I know describing the scent is making you even more curious right? You could always pop down to Origo Creation and have a brief sniff. And tell me how apt is each of my write-up :)
10Each diffuser comes with 10 reeds. But those who are not very sure about reeds, let me tell you more :) Reeds are the other alternative to candles.  You just simply have to insert them into the bottle. The oil will then wick up the reeds and scent the rooms for months. As the reeds are porous, they can pull the liquid from the bottom to the top via diffusion, thus releasing the fragrance into the air. You just need to flip the sticks once a week to help further dispense the scent. Easy right?
Before After
So after about 1.5 weeks, you will notice a drop in the liquid. Hmm...from the decrease, I am guessing it can last about a good 3 months. I don't put it under strong sunlight and my room is only air-conditioned at night. You do observe the reeds going brown as well right? I am using 3 reeds cos I always see the show flats using 3. Haha. But I think it is a little too much for my room since it is seeping out of my room. Geez...
And just to share with you some information I have learnt, fragrance and aroma oil are actually 2 different things. Haha, I always thought they were the same. Silly me. But fragrance don't have therapeutic effect. I have always been a loyal fan of the lavender oil. Guess what, always using the same oil actually makes you immune to its effects. Another oil I was recommended as an alternative is peppermint. It can help to relieve stress tension and sooth stress. And for ladies out there with menstrual cramps, you may want to consider Geranium to alleviate some of the menstrual discomfort. I suffer from them so I know how it feels :(
smelling youI know this post has so much information. It could be a little overwhelming for you. If you want to know more, I would suggest you drop Origo Creation a visit. Their friendly staff would be more than glad to assist you. Gonna end this post cos I wanna continue sniffing. Haha, sounding like a real fragrant addict...Tata~~Till next time

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