Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pretty Little Things Part 4

Can't believe how long it has been since I last introduced you guys to new shops and products. As usual, we are going to have 3!!! Yeah~~~and I tried to put in different variety of products so that there will definitely be one that capture your eye and hearts and possibly wallets...without further ado, let's roll
Tiffany Anne Studios
First up, we have Tiffany Anne Studios, also known as House of Stonez. Her designs are so unique. I particularly adore how simple and rustic each piece looks. A true blue artisan art! And if you have some designs you have in mind, Tiffany is more than willing to bring your visions to life. I am particularly impress with some of services she provide such as free lifetime repair and single earring replacement. Totally guilty for misplacing one earring! It is like losing one half of the perfect couple. :( So do check her shop up if you are considering buying some one-of-a-kind pieces to vamp up your style!

For you travelers out there, I have a "lobang" to introduce you guys to. It is The Hoboroll. For every seasoned traveler out there, the tip is always to travel light and pack little. But for women, this is no easy feat. I always want to look my best when I am overseas. And secretly, I abhor having to wear back the same set. I want to be a supermodel too, having a different style each day.
The eco-friendly Hoboroll works something like a bag back. It can be easily compressed, increasing space efficiency. You can now packed a lot more stuff! And what is cool about it, there are even compartments so that you can arrange different sets for each section :) Don't really want to drone on since the video pretty much speaks for itself.
Lucky Cat Vintage
Lastly, we have a cute fortune cat...hehe it reminds me of my nanoblock kitty. I hope you guys are up for some vintage fashion. The apparels that they hold are definitely those that would catch your eye. It is just amazing how they pair up and style all these looks. After you check out Lucky Cat Vintage, I swear you are going to start eyeing your Granny's wardrobe and Mama's closet.
This are some of my favorite pieces. I really love how they make the baggy pieces look so annoyingly chic and disturbingly stylish. It is inspiring isn't it? Something that you thought was so dang out looking so fabulously gorgeous. Do go to their web even it is just to check out their style. It is really an eye-opener!
I now you are enjoying the moment but I am afraid that's the end of our PLT part 4. Do stay tune for part 5! The hunt for interesting stuff is always on! :)

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