Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Make a Statement - Totally Jewel

You know, when they say that the accessories will either bring out or break the look, it is absolutely true. For working executives out there, if you have a nice statement piece or chunky accessories matched with a simple little black dress, it can really make you look professional and stand out.
Courtesy of Totally Jewel, I have 3 pieces of jewelry that will help me prove my point. :)
If you are not really that tech savvy, the Totally Jewel site is really easy to navigate. I am not really some online guru, so if I can do it, I am pretty sure you will have no issues trying to make your purchase.
It came by post in a water-proof package *Thumbs-up* And was neatly wrapped in tracing paper which was further protected by bubble wrap. Needless to say, my accessories came in good condition which left me happy and pleased.
Check out the pieces I picked (actually my BF picked them from my shortlisted few)!!! I am really in love with the White Belt Bracelet. The clasp is really special. I have a belt ring too. Too bad, I doubt they will go well together since they are of a different style. The Coco's Lover Necklace looks totally sophisticated and really classy.
I received the cuff too. It is a really lovely design and wrapped itself snugly around my arm. Unfortunately the welding was not really well done. A little of a dampener. But a comforting fact - it is not really that visible unless you look particularly close at it.
Ready for Work
For my early morning, rise and shine look, I paired up the Coco's Lover Necklace with the White Belt Bracelet. It adds a demure touch to the power woman get-up brought up from the little black dress. White, Gold and Black, I always feel that this is the perfect colour combination of the corporate get-up. Whatya think?
After a hard day at work, the cuff would add a touch of fun to parteh all night long. I thought it was easy. Just a change of the cuff and va-va-voom the whole look changes. From professional executive to a sleek wild animal. And it is not that heavy to put a cuff and bracelet in your bag...Tee-Hee
Tone down sea shellsIt was not really until the end of the photo-shoot I realize the back of the necklace looked like pretty little seashells. Geez, 2 necklaces for the price of 1, good deal isn't it? Can actually use the back of the necklace if I wanted to opt for a more understated, tone down look :) And before I forget, sign up with Totally Jewel, and you will get a 10 dollars off voucher!
Honestly, their stuff are very lovely and their price is even lovelier if there is such a do stock up at Totally Jewel if you need some embellishment to give your boring ole closet a little omph. Cheers to another workday :)

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