Sunday, April 13, 2014

The City of Kre-O

If you have been following my blog long enough, you would have known by now I am crazy about Building Bricks and Nerf Guns as well as cute cuddly plushies.
I have never tried other building bricks apart from Lego. But haha, my caption won! (Am I funnily creative or what?!?) And I got myself a set of Kre-O Cityville Haunted Hideaway to test out.
I actually tried it out on the 2nd day of CNY when my BF popped over to my house *gasp* for the first time. Haha! I was quite worried there was nothing much to entertain him since we didn't have cable TV or anything so I smartly opened my box. He have never played with toy bricks before. 0.o Gosh what sort of childhood it is! So I thought "Hey, let's just share with him and not save it for my offsprings!" LOL!
It also explains why there is not a lot of photos cos he always think I am weird when I attempt to document every moment of my life down using my trusty camera phone. Geez
Happy Playing
Generally, I would say there is not much difference between Lego and Kre-O. I personally felt Kre-O was a little more challenging maybe cos I wasn't as used to it. They have more odd sizes brick, meaning more realistic modeling at the same time the structure is a bit less stable in my opinion. Still, I find it is good fun. My BF had a great time (I heart-ed out his face as usual but he is beaming behind those hearts...cute) And he has successfully built a miniature car with the help of the instructions manual. 
For couples, I think it is quite fun actually and builds teamwork. We were like separating the bricks and splitting up the task (and at the same time competing who was the smarter of the 2 as we built the landmarks). We took around 2 hours with food break in between. Healthy couple activities *Thumbs Up*
And Tada~~~ the product of our labour and love :) It is really quite nice and I would love to put it up on display. Actually, I feel like investing in such display sets. But I don't have much space at home to showcase them. My bro was like saying to dismantle it so that you can re-play them, value for money.
But I don't know I am not comfortable with destroying my hard work *sobs* Now we know how Hashbro etc earns money from people like me. We just keep buying don't we? I know there are a lot of cool toys out there lately. I will try to review them. But my Mum is not very supportive of me spending my money on them. So if there are any toy sponsors who want to collaborate on such review, do hit me up! :)

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