Saturday, May 31, 2014

Big Day 1: Prequel

The BF's bday is coming!!!
I am planning to hog the entire actual day. But nope, I didn't want him to figure out yet. So today, I pretended I was very free and insisted on celebrating early... :)
Haha, we went prawning since my brother an avid prawner has some free hours to use up. We decided to fish for lobsters instead cos my brother felt it was more challenging and more value for money per catch.
We weren't really experts in lobsters, so when we caught our first one (actually my brother caught all), we were just squirming on how to get the hook out of it. The guys were very afraid of the pincers. Instead of picking it up like a man, my BF wanted to trap it into a pail. He calls it using his brains. I think it is just strategies of a coward. LOL!
Just ChillingAnd for those who want to comfort me, and tell me first-time prawners usually don't fare too well. It is our 2nd time. And I think the main thing why I failed to catch any was probably cos of the sitting posture and the mindset. HAHAHAH!
Translated into English..."waiting for the willing to be hooked" Dreaming of catching a merman...But all I caught was a quarter century stale magikarp...Sighs
No Surprise
And since it was his bday, he treated us??? Yup, he treated for my family to lunch. What a weird custom he has!
He tried to interrogate me on the birthday plans and all I did was wriggle out of the situation with selfies. :P In the end, all he had was a brow job, to tidy his brow. Painful Birthday Surprise. And a nice simple peck on his cheek. And he thought that could be it...since I had no reaction when he said he had plans in the morning on his birthday itself.
And so his birthday he was disappointed...till the big day itself *winks wink*

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The call for strangers

6 Strangers
I saw this on Facebook and was curious to have a nice meal and hopefully some perceptive chit-chat with artists and curator. Most importantly, I thought the questions asked was pretty interesting so I happily dropped in 2 silly answers.
Guess they liked my ridiculous reply cos I got an invitation to the 2nd dinner, which was still cool cos having a meal with 6 strangers was quite a novel concept. And I have to say at that point of time, I was very very curious on what I have committed myself to. Geez~
And so on 28th May, I made my way to attend the experimental dinner at Food For Thought at 8Q SAM. I have to admit, on my way there, I did have second thoughts. I wasn't feeling that brave anymore because I had limited art knowledge despite having many arty friends. I was a bit worried that the artists were in their eccentric mood and may take an instant dislike to my frivolous and flighty nature.
Food For Thought
I have been to any of the Food For Thought outlets before. This first visit left me quite impressed with the thought and effort they have put into the dinner. Like many cafes sprouting in Singapore, the interior decoration of the place was really interesting. But I thought what was really special was the glass jars hanging on the ceiling and the meaning behind it. The jars were collected from their social mission feeding children and in some of the empty bottles held sketches of these children's dreams. Raising up the jars onto the ceiling was akin to raising the children dreams and hopes. Beautiful isn't it?
I was welcomed to the place with a long row of table, decorated with flowers and petals in the center. And among the petals, M&Ms peeped from beneath. But most around our area was promptly eaten by my table partner, Dawn and I. Haha :) We hunted them down like Easter Bunnies!
Soup and Drink
We were first served with a nice cup of lemon tea along with pumpkin soup with herbs. The pumpkin soup was presented with a bread in a cup before the waitress came around pouring the soup in watering cans. As the question posted for the second meal was  “Nurture___ Nature”, the theme of our dinner revolved strongly around the theme. I was pretty hungry at 7:30 pm (Apparently, people who are working in the arts only eat at 9pm and other ungodly hours lol!) I initially thought the bread was the starter, and nearly ate it before the soup was served. (Dear girl, you really have to work on your table patience...hehe)
The lemon tea was really refreshing. I had 3 cups. The soup was tasty, just a bit cold, would prefer it warmer. Of course, there was table conversation. To break the ice, we had to share our answers to the question posed. I didn't actually answered this set of question, so I was lucky I was last to answer for this. It did make me sweat a little cos I just couldn't find that one word, while everyone effortlessly gave that "one". I settled with 2 eventually - Nurture to love Nature, simply cos it was the first thing to pop into my mind and I just couldn't find any one word that could effectively convey the same meaning.
Water Melon
Our spectacular garden-themed meal which was prepared the executive chef, David. The first main course was the slow-roasted watermelon which resembled a meat. Bewildering isn't it? It left many of pondering after first bite. I initially thought it could be a tomato cos of the caramelised skin. But when I tasted it, I knew I was wrong, just couldn't match the taste to the fruit.
Thought Collective
Meanwhile, waiting for the next main course, we also had a short "game" to help us know our table partners better. In each Thought Collective deck, there were 2 stacks of identical cards with images. So basically, you just had to ask each other questions and pick the cards that reflect your answers. Definitely a great "orientation" game, especially if the group isn't big.
I was joking with Dawn that it could be a deck of fortune reading card. Tried to read her fortune and she picked a crying child. She was exclaiming "the answer is obvious". I promptly told her she will be crying for joy in future. :P I do see a bright future I have as a budding soothsayer.
Vegetable Garden
The next meal was indeed what people called "food art". It was totally an instagram or kodak moment. Everyone just whipped out their phone and started snapping. A vegetable garden, literally! Down to the last detail, soil, dirt etc. I had a hard time convincing myself to eat something that looked so cute! It was just so creative and you know what, it isn't that difficult to replicate in the comfort of your home.
Much as I wanted to give my fellow table mates the full attention, I am guilty of spamming the photo on my whatsapp chats halfway, making everyone jealous and green (like a vegetable) with envy. Honestly, a vegetarian meal have never been so tempting to me. Did consider going vegetarian because of it. :)
Egg Agar
To end the evening, we had milk agar agar served in egg shells. In terms of presentation, the meal left me speechless. The meal was indeed very fulfilling. And by fulfilling I meant also the conversation and sharing of thoughts and ideas that came with it. I have to say that I gained a lot more perspective to the art scene and really enjoyed the companionship. Much to contrary beliefs, people who dabble in the arts not in the least crazy, moody etc. They are very normal, like you and I.
Most of the participants also come from the art world in one way or another. I might be the only one who is from the other world (So, which world am I in?!?) But, one thing I noticed about them was their passion. And if there is anything I took away from this evening, it is to find something I am so ferociously in love with. Lately, I just think I lack the drive. Sometimes in the pursuit to make ends meet and career success, we just lose the true meaning of life. I am just fixated on certain goals that I fail to see other aspects of self development and self expression. Of course, I think brought home a more mature self and a person ready to embrace and experience life to the fullest.
Guess all the credit for my epiphany goes to my lovely dining partners that evening. This dinner is held to promote UNEARTHED, an exhibition at SAM at 8Q from 21 Mar to 6 Jul 2013 on how artist living in Singapore view and respond to nature. I haven't got the chance to see it yet. But I heard it is good. So I guess all that is left to say is - See you there!
And for you guys who are keen to drop Food For Thought a visit, be sure to check out some of their talks where they invite mystery guest speakers. I personally felt some of the topics were very close to the heart and relevant to youths. It is many of those questions which we seek answers to and it could be good to hear some insights from people who has been there, done there, so now let's turn the page. 
Definitely becoming a little more arty, I will be visiting another exhibition soon. So art kids, stay tune~~~

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Crown of Glory

Flora Crowns
You have seen these girls. Whether you are a blogger or an avid selfie taker, a flora crown is one of the must-have props every girl should have.
Wait hold on, before you go on. CHAA IS THAT YOU!!! THAT ASIAN GIRL IN THE COLLAGE!
Oh yeah *unabashedly* I guess that gorgeous young lady is me. I have made the ranks and is finally crowned royalty with a bouquet sitting snuggly on my head. You must have seen by now that lately all my reviews have this flora chain nestling somewhere. It just makes everything looks so dreamy and photos more aesthetic. *sighs* Perfect prop.
Even I look so dreamily good, like a dainty, sweet girl, don't you think? I am sure you girls are now wondering this little head prop must cost you a dear. But for a dear, you have to give a dear, my dear. (Gosh, I hope this word play is not confusing you. :P)  But yes, flora crowns don't come cheap, especially handmade ones. I have seen many from overseas, the most famous being crown and glory that would cost you a hand and leg with the shipping cost.
My gorgeous crown is locally made (I support local artisans too ok!) And I think the price is comparable but the currency is different (bless the lord, pounds is nearly twice of SGD) and we don't have to pay for the shipping cost.
If you are not from Singapore/ Malaysia, you may not have heard of Carousell. It is a selling platform but it is not as specialised in handmade products as Etsy. I received my crown from a lovely seller named, Anis who has extremely nimble fingers. She is a really nice lady, and if you are looking for flora crowns/ clips for photoshoots or weddings, please do hit her up. And did I tell you, she also has a great eye for fashion.
She did went through with me the process of making each crown. And I cringed hearing how difficult it is, even though she can effortlessly make a few in an hour. Burning the tips, picking the flowers and weaving them with a ribbon using even and constant force. Gosh, it is all so difficult. My crown was actually a soft crown, which makes it more bendable and comfortable on the head as well. When I went home, I sort of inspected the crown and honestly, it is just well-made and there is really nothing not to like about.
Guilty as charged for parading around the house in the crown like the Emperor in the Emperor's New Clothes. There was just an unexplainable surge of excitement and confidence in one's beauty with the crown on my head. LOL! I even tried putting them on my Dad (who barked at me), Brother (who gave me grim look) and BF (who said he would wear a Laurel Wreath to complement me) Very unfortunate, but the men in my life do not share my fascination.
No 2 crowns are ever alike (everyone is handmade). You can definitely customise your own crown. I have picked a few from Anis' Carousell that you may like in the collage above. I am more of a pastel pink/purple/blue person. But maybe you may like brighter colours :)
If you feel that a flora crown is a little too fanciful and overwhelming for you, she has really lovely flora hair combs. When I met her, she had one on her head and it just looked so beautiful on her thick wavy hair. My hair is a little on the straight side so it may not look as good on me. But if you have nice curls, I think these combs will look fabulous on you.
I didn't review them so I cannot comment much about the quality. But from the quality of her crown, I don't think quality is a cause for worry. And compared to the crowns, the combs is actually something you are more likely to wear out. So if you are not a quirky or spontaneous person, I think this flora combs will suit you just well.
I really hope you guys like this review cos I felt that there was not many handmade flora combs/crowns options in Singapore and even less people providing feedback to advise people on what to buy and where to buy. So do drop Anis a visit if you have been contemplating on getting one for yourself and your girlfriends for the longest time. I am sure both of you will work something delightful out :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

(Best) Mood Rings

What gets a woman into the best mood?
Shopping of cos... :P :P :P
Best Mood RingAnd today is your lucky day cos I am going to present you people a steal...1 yet many. Presenting the accessory chameleon, the mood accessories! As it changes colour with your mood (surrounding temperature), you can have a different accessory at different timing of the day. How cool is that!
The accessories from Best Mood Rings is bound to get you(r) lady into the Best Mood. Courtesy of Sally, I got to review a few from their collection. You will be glad to know that delivery was prompt and the packaging was splendid. Each ring or accessory was packed in a tiny gift bag and neatly wrapped in a sheer paper with hearts. Everything came nicely and even after wearing my rings while cleaning my hands, the rings did not rust! It is definitely of fine quality.
Mood Rings GaloresAs Sally had wrapped each of the pieces up, I had absolutely no idea what I was receiving. I had a jolly good time unwrapping and savored the moment of suspense. Guess I was feeling romantic that day cos everything turned dark blue in my hands. Most of the pieces I received were blue. Yup, I love royal blue, apart for the greenish ring.
Some of my favourite pieces were the dual butterflies, the stones antique necklace (which reminded me of Titantic), the magnetic hematite bracelet (truly, indeed it is magnetic, can't help but pair it with my pink watch and it comes with health benefits too), the child unicorn mood ring glitter (which I am so ready to give it as a gift to my first born) as well as the classy, beautiful square mood ring (which I have lovingly named it the hope diamond)!
Apart from these pieces, there are many other pieces ranging from simple to elaborate. I personally really adored the child section. They have lots of cute selection. For the quirky, there is also the Glow-in-the-Dark! It is somehow very unfortunate that my little penguin refuse to glow. :(
And I made a fascinating observation - at every angle, the ring appears to be of different colour. I spent a great deal of time, taking snaps of the ring once it changes colour haha.
For those who are curious about the meaning of the colours:
Black - Stressed
Brown - Nervous
Orange - Unsettled
Green - Active
Aquamarine - Relaxed
Turquoise - Lovable
Dark Blue - Romantic
Pink - Happy

Best Mood Ring1

And the mood ring came with a guide (which I have failed to follow) *Sheepish*

1. Keep it dry. Moods are particularly sensitive to chemical and water. Prevents tarnishing too!
2. Magnetic jewelry should be stored away from things with magnetic properties!
3. Be careful not to drop the magnetic jewelry and agate. Chipped jewelry never look good!
4. Glow in the Dark ring has to be briefly charged by either daylight or artificial light (maybe that is why mine aint lighting up!)
Anyway, for those who are keen to get yourself a mood ring, please do check out Best Mood Rings. The variety is just so huge. You are bound to find the "one" there. Most places only hold a ring or 2. But this site holds a zillion or million LOL! And for the quality, I think the price is overly reasonable. So hurry there now, before others hear of this and rush there too! Surely you don't want your "one" to be taken :P

And it Glow

**Quick updates** Sally sent me another 2 of the Glow in the Dark Rings. After charging it under my iphone spotlight, it glowed...*shrieks excitedly* 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Beary Sedap Breakfast

And Mum finally got her mother's day breakfast...with her being very involved with making the scrambled eggs (her best and only dish) I am not exactly the neatest chef on earth as opposed to cooking bloggers. So get ready to see behind the scene pictures :)
Cyclops vision
You know, cooking isn't very difficult. You just need to stare at it with your Cyclops vision hard enough and a nice delicious meal will prepare itself! 
Geez, I am kidding ok, you need more than eye power to make a meal. And the prep work before serving is the tedious part. So do remember to appreciate every meal your Mum (or maid) makes considering the amount of work and love that is put into it. 
Making of scrambled Eggs
Needless to say, some of the ingredients needed for the scrambled eggs are milk, butter and cheese (We didn't add cheese though cos my Mum says it will be difficult to wash up). She didn't give us the exact proportions, just a mere "gut instincts". Also, do add a pinch of salt and pepper to give it more flavour.  A tip for budding cooks, if you add more milk, it will dilute the egg solution and it won't burn that easily.
Some optional ingredients include ham, lettuce and mushrooms. (Side note, lettuce are pronounced as "letters". I asked my Mum and my boyfriend if there were lettuce (letters) and they told me last Saturday that the postman doesn't work on weekends -.- #facepalm) Okay, back to making of the bear sandwich. To make scrambled eggs, you just have to stir and don't burn the pot. A smaller pot is preferred so that it is not that easy to burn the base.
How to Make
Making the bread sandwich is pretty easy with the mould and follow the step by step guide found on Simple Gift Shop. Initially I did have my reservations if it would be that simple because the mould did not have sharp edges (very child-friendly) and I doubt it could cut it just by pressing.
You see, this is how the back of the mould looks like. My BF kept insisting that it was missing a back cover to press against to.
Nonetheless, we tested and it worked. Mystery solved: just press it against something hard la!
Make a Bear
Just in case you guys think you can leave your kids to play with food (and be child labour), I will beseech you to think twice. The pressing part needed good strength, my sinewy arms failed to stamp the bear a good shape. The edges could either be trimmed with a knife or by hand. 
Do remember to evenly spread your fillings and not be too greedy. My brother and BF were over-zealous. My brother ended up with a bear with a protruding brain (ham peeked out) and the BF had a bear with flu, with yellow mucus (scrambled egg) spewing out of the nose. My strategy was to wrap the top and bottom with lettuce. My bears had very big foreheads LOL! Smarty bears Hehe!
Bear Talk
And I toasted the bears too. Cos I felt they would taste better with a crust. We made quite a few and ate up all the ugly ones. We didn't really have the heart to devour the well-made ones, so pretty much used them for decoration. Hehe. My dad suggested preserving them in Tupperware. 
For future bears, we were discussing to use olives as eyes and ketchup for the mouth. Mum suggested it would taste good with Ayam sardines or tuna. Before I forget, a word of caution: there is huge wastage of bread. Some solutions we came out with was to toast the bread and eat it like healthy fries (haha) or you could eat it with a bowl of mushroom soup. Sadly we had no Campbell soup at home :(
Toasted Mushrooms
I toasted some mushrooms as well. Everyone said it looked gross and that my readers will probably wrinkle their nose in disgust when they see the pics. My Mum berated me for not slicing the ham and cheese properly. Haha. I tore them with my hands. Have to admit the presentation was a lot better when I modified them to look like burgers (That's probably how Shroom Burgers should look like) 
But they tasted really good. You just have to butter them up and throw whatever garnish you want on it. I cut away the stalk but you could keep it I guess. Buttering it would retain the moisture in it (I think, not sure but my A's Mum said so), so the Portobello mushrooms tasted really  tender and juicy!
Guess we have come to the end of Bread Talk! Mum's verdict: Good fun for family bonding as well as to cajole children to finish up their breakfast. Suitable for retirees to have some food fun too!
To make a beary delightful breakfast, you can get the mould at Simple Gift Shop. It is only $3.80 with postage! <3 Stay tune for my baking post to be revealed probably during the next public holiday or earlier. Meanwhile, you can drop by Simple Gift Shop to get yourself some baking, moulding goodies to have some food fun. :P

Sunday, May 11, 2014

It is Mummy's Day!

Ok, in my defense, I did have something small and simple planned. I wanted to make her a nice breakfast this morning. But then, her mother's instinct came to her at full force and she doubted my brother and my ability to make her something decent without poisoning her. Sighs.
She wanted to be part of the making process. Out of a whim, my Dad and her decided to spend the great Sunday to "re-landscape" our little garden so we had to shift the scrumalicious breakfast to Vesak instead. To think I even went to NTUC to buy all the ingredients on Saturday *pouts*
BvlgariFortunately, I managed to score invites to Bvlgari perfume launch, which was supposed to be the highlight of the day in case breakfast wasn't her liking. Smart me heh, considering she scraped the breakfast to have couple time with Dad.
When she heard Bvlgari, she was like "ooo the luxury jeweler", her eyes literally popped open. My Mum has a thing for jewelry and this workshop was just something too good to be passed, even though I told her it is the fragrance la!
Smells Good
The location was really noisy so I couldn't really hear much. But I thought the mini game to identify the scent was pretty interesting. We didn't win it though even though we were certain we got it right! Haha...a shot of my Mum sniffing. I missed that moment when she did her trademark wrinkled nose...sad
She was rather pleasantly surprised when the media got her shot. Now I know where I get my shameless trait from, this old lady told me "Must be cos she is the most presentable Mum, so they want to take me" LOL! I casually remarked maybe they will post your photo on Facebook and she was secretly pleased she might be the next famous old woman...Dots...
And it was really kind of their organiser to give each Mum a gift bag to bring home. Although I think she was more excited about our photos. -.- I honestly didn't know she was such a big camwhore. :P
And for those who has yet to get their Mummy anything yet, I always think it is better late than never when it comes to showing your appreciation. Do check out Simple Gift Shop. They have a variety of cute products along with baking tools. If your Mummy is kawaii type or a baking fan, you are sure to find something that she will love here. :)
My post on Tuesday will be featuring their products, so be sure to stay tune and check it out!
Happy Mother's Day
Last but not least, I wanna wish all mothers out there, a Happy Mother's Day! My Mum was like going all Mothers are the same...sacrificing for their brood, asking for nothing in return!
Remember to show your Mum how much you love her! For me, I show my parents by playing the role of a ditzy bimbo, putting smiles on their face over my silliness HAHAHA! Rare edited photo of myself (along with Mum of cos) to share...Haha love the little red highlights on my head...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1.0 Challenge accepted

Not sure if you guys are familiar with the free comic book day! (If you are, poor you, you are as geeky as me)
I was there at Cathay to Spiderman 2. I thought it was boring, lack action and geez Harry Osborn looks like a vampire walking out of Twilight. Geez. But it was quite a sweet trip to the cinema. Free gel manicure, along with caricatures and comic books! Seriously...this is heaven on earth.
Free Comic Book Day
I was really satisfied with me as a Manga Gal. Looks more demure than me in real life. My mum and BF were like saying that this artist has illustrated me pretty well. Usually, when a cartoonist attempts to pin me to a piece of paper, I don't look like myself. Maybe because I don't have defined and distinguishing features. Or perhaps they fail to capture my personality. Whatever it is, I look great this time round and I love it.
Settled for Captain America nails cos it looked pretty. I seem to have a thing for blue nail. Haha. Many of my friends have been prompt to alert me that Spiderman is the new in thing. But the design of webs without spider wasn't really my thing.
I won't be proclaiming I will be sure to be there next year. If I happen to want to catch a movie, I will probably be there. It is not exactly the biggest event we Geeks would jump on the table and holler about :) Nonetheless, freebies thrown along with a movie is always kinda of pleasant.
Just a random update, I have accepted Eucerin 30 Days Clear Skin Challenge. Lately, I have not been using much products on my face. So no historical effects from other products...haha.
I do have a pimple at the moment sadly. So maybe Eucerin will clear it. So in the next one month, I will be scrubbing and cleaning religiously. I doubt the effect will be extremely ground-breaking and jaw-dropping cos my skin is pretty much okay apart from occasional breakouts. But there is no doubt always some room for improvement just that the gap is not particularly big.
Lately, I have been so overwhelmed. Feeling apologetic if some posts are a little late...shall manage my time better. Toodles~~~ 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda

Sounds really mysterious isn't it? 
To "celebrate" my BF last day of examinations, we decided to embark on a Treasure Hunt. :) Courtesy of TANGS, my BF experienced his first visit to a museum. Bringing the Sua Ku (mountain tortoise - someone who is not well-exposed to activities in Singapore) to meet his cousin, the legendary gold tortoise.
Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda
It is not exactly my first time at the Asian Civilisations Museum. I am not exactly the biggest history buff nor an avid museum goer. I just have quite a history with this museum. I used to go there for school excursions and I even volunteered there before. Basically, I was quite familiar with the place. There were some changes but not many.
I pretty much spent my time snapping shots and creating new memories. The BF was highly unimpressed. He was reading every little morsel of info he could find and admiring each pieces. Was he really that cultured...hmm...Maybe it was cos it was his first time there...His little Aladdin has once again showed him the world and opened his eyes to new experience. #achievement unlocked
You guys may have seen some of this pieces around. The are pretty much the permanent fixtures in Asian Civilisation Museum. I didn't really edit the pictures much. Have to admit these relics do have an eerie feeling. But they are very gorgeous in real-life. My BF was looking through my phone as I snapped some of the pictures and was proclaiming how the pictures don't do justice to them. See them for yourself and you will know what he means. You really have to drop by for a visit if you haven't been there for a while.
Just some facts on this museum, it is dedicated to the rich artistic culture of Asia. And from your visit, you are likely to gain a better understanding of the different cultures in Asia, some creepy yet arty photos and a more refined self. :)
Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda: Treasures from Famen Temple and The Tang court was the latest showcase in collaboration with Shanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau. This was the exhibition which I pretty much stopped taking photos and read (cos it was new and I have never seen it before *smiles*) Generally, the place was a bit dark and the photos did not turn out well, such that it made something so magnificent looks bleh so I thought there was really no point taking them anymore.
Much of the treasures were discovered by chance in 1987. For centuries, the relics of Buddha as well as the paraphernalia from the Tangs Dynasty remained sealed, hidden and forgotten under the pagoda, near Famen Temple which was one of the most revered Buddhist site in China. Even back then, Chang-an (the old Xi-an) was the capital of Tang and a hub for economic and cultural exchange. You can totally imagine how much artwork and commercial goods was found in this showcase!
Hands on
And for big kids or families with kids, you will be glad to know that there are hands-on stations present. I was having some fun stamping until my BF maturely told me that the focus of this excursion was to know my heritage better and not fight with 5-years-old on stamping machines *sheepish grin*
The straw pretty much broke for him when I played with the ancient beauty fan. There were a whole bunch of stickers there. Not knowing they were supposed to be pasted on a fan with a woman's face, I promptly pasted the blue sticker on my forehead and shamelessly asking "Ain't I a beauty?" He managed to calmly reason "I don't think it will stay too long there" which pretty much left me pouting and after that embarrassed when I realised the real use for it *chuckles at my own idiocrasy*
ACM Abassador
And some of the frivolous photos I took while he was absorbing knowledge. This includes the rubber ducky which won the million dollar duck race, my fascination with Lego pieces (which he kept harping this is not part of the exhibit, don't take photo la) and his bedroom (the slum house) LOL LOL LOL! And last but not least, some photos of myself to show I WAS THERE!
Sorry for blogging about it so late, the exhibition will be over on 4 May. can still visit the ACM. It is free for all Singaporeans and Permanent Citizens, just remember to bring along your ID! Not exactly a perfect spot for a date I guess, espeically if you have a GF who wants to play and less inclined to learn...heez

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Drilleys: The Introduction to Espadrilles

Dear readers, you guys are in luck. ForFunk is doing a 3-post-collaboration with Drilleys. This means for the next few weeks, you will be seeing LOTD features of Espadrilles!


Espadrilles may be quite foreign-sounding to you. To put it simply, they are canvas loafers with centuries of history. The defining characteristic of the Espadrilles is the jute rope sole which is made up of natural fibre. Espadrilles are generally spring/summer shoes, definitely suited for our humid Singapore weather. However, they are pretty fair-weathered. During the monsoon season, you got to keep your cute Espadrilles in door. :)

For those who fancy a handmade shoes, Drilleys  is the one for you. Each part of the footwear are lovingly constructed by hand. Having said that this means no 2 pairs are exactly identical. At first, you may not be used to wearing your Drilleys. This is because unlike any normal shoes we are used to, Drilleys lack backing. But this is also the determining trait that liberates your feet. Walking without shoes, this how wearing a pair of Drilleys would feel.

Beach Boy

I managed to find a sunny, tanned male "model". Presenting the beach boy look. For surfer boys out there, with a decent plaided shirt and khakis, you will be able to pull off the look pretty well. Definitely good for the sand, but bad for the ocean. But, combing around the beach not the water, that's where you find the pretty mermaids. *Winks*

Male Model Comments: Mocha Brown is a very easy colour to match. For any conservative guys out there, this is the safe colour. It blends into my feet though (I LOL at that remark)

Poster Boy

And very kindly, my male model offered to do another look. Using the same plaid shirt (buttoned-up) this time, along with skinny jeans. He calls it the skater look. But, I think it is more a typical Singaporean-Boy-going-on-a-date look.

Male Model Comments: Comfy. Definitely will catch me wearing it to town. Maybe it can be our alternative national footwear. More classy than slippers. *Grins*

I know he looks pretty poster boy right? Drilleys would know where to find their SG poster boy if they ever need one. Haha...Stay tune for the other 2 posts. Next time, I will share with you more on Drilleys collections :)