Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Beary Sedap Breakfast

And Mum finally got her mother's day breakfast...with her being very involved with making the scrambled eggs (her best and only dish) I am not exactly the neatest chef on earth as opposed to cooking bloggers. So get ready to see behind the scene pictures :)
Cyclops vision
You know, cooking isn't very difficult. You just need to stare at it with your Cyclops vision hard enough and a nice delicious meal will prepare itself! 
Geez, I am kidding ok, you need more than eye power to make a meal. And the prep work before serving is the tedious part. So do remember to appreciate every meal your Mum (or maid) makes considering the amount of work and love that is put into it. 
Making of scrambled Eggs
Needless to say, some of the ingredients needed for the scrambled eggs are milk, butter and cheese (We didn't add cheese though cos my Mum says it will be difficult to wash up). She didn't give us the exact proportions, just a mere "gut instincts". Also, do add a pinch of salt and pepper to give it more flavour.  A tip for budding cooks, if you add more milk, it will dilute the egg solution and it won't burn that easily.
Some optional ingredients include ham, lettuce and mushrooms. (Side note, lettuce are pronounced as "letters". I asked my Mum and my boyfriend if there were lettuce (letters) and they told me last Saturday that the postman doesn't work on weekends -.- #facepalm) Okay, back to making of the bear sandwich. To make scrambled eggs, you just have to stir and don't burn the pot. A smaller pot is preferred so that it is not that easy to burn the base.
How to Make
Making the bread sandwich is pretty easy with the mould and follow the step by step guide found on Simple Gift Shop. Initially I did have my reservations if it would be that simple because the mould did not have sharp edges (very child-friendly) and I doubt it could cut it just by pressing.
You see, this is how the back of the mould looks like. My BF kept insisting that it was missing a back cover to press against to.
Nonetheless, we tested and it worked. Mystery solved: just press it against something hard la!
Make a Bear
Just in case you guys think you can leave your kids to play with food (and be child labour), I will beseech you to think twice. The pressing part needed good strength, my sinewy arms failed to stamp the bear a good shape. The edges could either be trimmed with a knife or by hand. 
Do remember to evenly spread your fillings and not be too greedy. My brother and BF were over-zealous. My brother ended up with a bear with a protruding brain (ham peeked out) and the BF had a bear with flu, with yellow mucus (scrambled egg) spewing out of the nose. My strategy was to wrap the top and bottom with lettuce. My bears had very big foreheads LOL! Smarty bears Hehe!
Bear Talk
And I toasted the bears too. Cos I felt they would taste better with a crust. We made quite a few and ate up all the ugly ones. We didn't really have the heart to devour the well-made ones, so pretty much used them for decoration. Hehe. My dad suggested preserving them in Tupperware. 
For future bears, we were discussing to use olives as eyes and ketchup for the mouth. Mum suggested it would taste good with Ayam sardines or tuna. Before I forget, a word of caution: there is huge wastage of bread. Some solutions we came out with was to toast the bread and eat it like healthy fries (haha) or you could eat it with a bowl of mushroom soup. Sadly we had no Campbell soup at home :(
Toasted Mushrooms
I toasted some mushrooms as well. Everyone said it looked gross and that my readers will probably wrinkle their nose in disgust when they see the pics. My Mum berated me for not slicing the ham and cheese properly. Haha. I tore them with my hands. Have to admit the presentation was a lot better when I modified them to look like burgers (That's probably how Shroom Burgers should look like) 
But they tasted really good. You just have to butter them up and throw whatever garnish you want on it. I cut away the stalk but you could keep it I guess. Buttering it would retain the moisture in it (I think, not sure but my A's Mum said so), so the Portobello mushrooms tasted really  tender and juicy!
Guess we have come to the end of Bread Talk! Mum's verdict: Good fun for family bonding as well as to cajole children to finish up their breakfast. Suitable for retirees to have some food fun too!
To make a beary delightful breakfast, you can get the mould at Simple Gift Shop. It is only $3.80 with postage! <3 Stay tune for my baking post to be revealed probably during the next public holiday or earlier. Meanwhile, you can drop by Simple Gift Shop to get yourself some baking, moulding goodies to have some food fun. :P

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