Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1.0 Challenge accepted

Not sure if you guys are familiar with the free comic book day! (If you are, poor you, you are as geeky as me)
I was there at Cathay to Spiderman 2. I thought it was boring, lack action and geez Harry Osborn looks like a vampire walking out of Twilight. Geez. But it was quite a sweet trip to the cinema. Free gel manicure, along with caricatures and comic books! Seriously...this is heaven on earth.
Free Comic Book Day
I was really satisfied with me as a Manga Gal. Looks more demure than me in real life. My mum and BF were like saying that this artist has illustrated me pretty well. Usually, when a cartoonist attempts to pin me to a piece of paper, I don't look like myself. Maybe because I don't have defined and distinguishing features. Or perhaps they fail to capture my personality. Whatever it is, I look great this time round and I love it.
Settled for Captain America nails cos it looked pretty. I seem to have a thing for blue nail. Haha. Many of my friends have been prompt to alert me that Spiderman is the new in thing. But the design of webs without spider wasn't really my thing.
I won't be proclaiming I will be sure to be there next year. If I happen to want to catch a movie, I will probably be there. It is not exactly the biggest event we Geeks would jump on the table and holler about :) Nonetheless, freebies thrown along with a movie is always kinda of pleasant.
Just a random update, I have accepted Eucerin 30 Days Clear Skin Challenge. Lately, I have not been using much products on my face. So no historical effects from other products...haha.
I do have a pimple at the moment sadly. So maybe Eucerin will clear it. So in the next one month, I will be scrubbing and cleaning religiously. I doubt the effect will be extremely ground-breaking and jaw-dropping cos my skin is pretty much okay apart from occasional breakouts. But there is no doubt always some room for improvement just that the gap is not particularly big.
Lately, I have been so overwhelmed. Feeling apologetic if some posts are a little late...shall manage my time better. Toodles~~~ 

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