Thursday, May 1, 2014

Drilleys: The Introduction to Espadrilles

Dear readers, you guys are in luck. ForFunk is doing a 3-post-collaboration with Drilleys. This means for the next few weeks, you will be seeing LOTD features of Espadrilles!


Espadrilles may be quite foreign-sounding to you. To put it simply, they are canvas loafers with centuries of history. The defining characteristic of the Espadrilles is the jute rope sole which is made up of natural fibre. Espadrilles are generally spring/summer shoes, definitely suited for our humid Singapore weather. However, they are pretty fair-weathered. During the monsoon season, you got to keep your cute Espadrilles in door. :)

For those who fancy a handmade shoes, Drilleys  is the one for you. Each part of the footwear are lovingly constructed by hand. Having said that this means no 2 pairs are exactly identical. At first, you may not be used to wearing your Drilleys. This is because unlike any normal shoes we are used to, Drilleys lack backing. But this is also the determining trait that liberates your feet. Walking without shoes, this how wearing a pair of Drilleys would feel.

Beach Boy

I managed to find a sunny, tanned male "model". Presenting the beach boy look. For surfer boys out there, with a decent plaided shirt and khakis, you will be able to pull off the look pretty well. Definitely good for the sand, but bad for the ocean. But, combing around the beach not the water, that's where you find the pretty mermaids. *Winks*

Male Model Comments: Mocha Brown is a very easy colour to match. For any conservative guys out there, this is the safe colour. It blends into my feet though (I LOL at that remark)

Poster Boy

And very kindly, my male model offered to do another look. Using the same plaid shirt (buttoned-up) this time, along with skinny jeans. He calls it the skater look. But, I think it is more a typical Singaporean-Boy-going-on-a-date look.

Male Model Comments: Comfy. Definitely will catch me wearing it to town. Maybe it can be our alternative national footwear. More classy than slippers. *Grins*

I know he looks pretty poster boy right? Drilleys would know where to find their SG poster boy if they ever need one. Haha...Stay tune for the other 2 posts. Next time, I will share with you more on Drilleys collections :)

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