Sunday, May 11, 2014

It is Mummy's Day!

Ok, in my defense, I did have something small and simple planned. I wanted to make her a nice breakfast this morning. But then, her mother's instinct came to her at full force and she doubted my brother and my ability to make her something decent without poisoning her. Sighs.
She wanted to be part of the making process. Out of a whim, my Dad and her decided to spend the great Sunday to "re-landscape" our little garden so we had to shift the scrumalicious breakfast to Vesak instead. To think I even went to NTUC to buy all the ingredients on Saturday *pouts*
BvlgariFortunately, I managed to score invites to Bvlgari perfume launch, which was supposed to be the highlight of the day in case breakfast wasn't her liking. Smart me heh, considering she scraped the breakfast to have couple time with Dad.
When she heard Bvlgari, she was like "ooo the luxury jeweler", her eyes literally popped open. My Mum has a thing for jewelry and this workshop was just something too good to be passed, even though I told her it is the fragrance la!
Smells Good
The location was really noisy so I couldn't really hear much. But I thought the mini game to identify the scent was pretty interesting. We didn't win it though even though we were certain we got it right! Haha...a shot of my Mum sniffing. I missed that moment when she did her trademark wrinkled nose...sad
She was rather pleasantly surprised when the media got her shot. Now I know where I get my shameless trait from, this old lady told me "Must be cos she is the most presentable Mum, so they want to take me" LOL! I casually remarked maybe they will post your photo on Facebook and she was secretly pleased she might be the next famous old woman...Dots...
And it was really kind of their organiser to give each Mum a gift bag to bring home. Although I think she was more excited about our photos. -.- I honestly didn't know she was such a big camwhore. :P
And for those who has yet to get their Mummy anything yet, I always think it is better late than never when it comes to showing your appreciation. Do check out Simple Gift Shop. They have a variety of cute products along with baking tools. If your Mummy is kawaii type or a baking fan, you are sure to find something that she will love here. :)
My post on Tuesday will be featuring their products, so be sure to stay tune and check it out!
Happy Mother's Day
Last but not least, I wanna wish all mothers out there, a Happy Mother's Day! My Mum was like going all Mothers are the same...sacrificing for their brood, asking for nothing in return!
Remember to show your Mum how much you love her! For me, I show my parents by playing the role of a ditzy bimbo, putting smiles on their face over my silliness HAHAHA! Rare edited photo of myself (along with Mum of cos) to share...Haha love the little red highlights on my head...

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