Saturday, May 31, 2014

Big Day 1: Prequel

The BF's bday is coming!!!
I am planning to hog the entire actual day. But nope, I didn't want him to figure out yet. So today, I pretended I was very free and insisted on celebrating early... :)
Haha, we went prawning since my brother an avid prawner has some free hours to use up. We decided to fish for lobsters instead cos my brother felt it was more challenging and more value for money per catch.
We weren't really experts in lobsters, so when we caught our first one (actually my brother caught all), we were just squirming on how to get the hook out of it. The guys were very afraid of the pincers. Instead of picking it up like a man, my BF wanted to trap it into a pail. He calls it using his brains. I think it is just strategies of a coward. LOL!
Just ChillingAnd for those who want to comfort me, and tell me first-time prawners usually don't fare too well. It is our 2nd time. And I think the main thing why I failed to catch any was probably cos of the sitting posture and the mindset. HAHAHAH!
Translated into English..."waiting for the willing to be hooked" Dreaming of catching a merman...But all I caught was a quarter century stale magikarp...Sighs
No Surprise
And since it was his bday, he treated us??? Yup, he treated for my family to lunch. What a weird custom he has!
He tried to interrogate me on the birthday plans and all I did was wriggle out of the situation with selfies. :P In the end, all he had was a brow job, to tidy his brow. Painful Birthday Surprise. And a nice simple peck on his cheek. And he thought that could be it...since I had no reaction when he said he had plans in the morning on his birthday itself.
And so his birthday he was disappointed...till the big day itself *winks wink*

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