Friday, May 2, 2014

Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda

Sounds really mysterious isn't it? 
To "celebrate" my BF last day of examinations, we decided to embark on a Treasure Hunt. :) Courtesy of TANGS, my BF experienced his first visit to a museum. Bringing the Sua Ku (mountain tortoise - someone who is not well-exposed to activities in Singapore) to meet his cousin, the legendary gold tortoise.
Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda
It is not exactly my first time at the Asian Civilisations Museum. I am not exactly the biggest history buff nor an avid museum goer. I just have quite a history with this museum. I used to go there for school excursions and I even volunteered there before. Basically, I was quite familiar with the place. There were some changes but not many.
I pretty much spent my time snapping shots and creating new memories. The BF was highly unimpressed. He was reading every little morsel of info he could find and admiring each pieces. Was he really that cultured...hmm...Maybe it was cos it was his first time there...His little Aladdin has once again showed him the world and opened his eyes to new experience. #achievement unlocked
You guys may have seen some of this pieces around. The are pretty much the permanent fixtures in Asian Civilisation Museum. I didn't really edit the pictures much. Have to admit these relics do have an eerie feeling. But they are very gorgeous in real-life. My BF was looking through my phone as I snapped some of the pictures and was proclaiming how the pictures don't do justice to them. See them for yourself and you will know what he means. You really have to drop by for a visit if you haven't been there for a while.
Just some facts on this museum, it is dedicated to the rich artistic culture of Asia. And from your visit, you are likely to gain a better understanding of the different cultures in Asia, some creepy yet arty photos and a more refined self. :)
Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda: Treasures from Famen Temple and The Tang court was the latest showcase in collaboration with Shanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau. This was the exhibition which I pretty much stopped taking photos and read (cos it was new and I have never seen it before *smiles*) Generally, the place was a bit dark and the photos did not turn out well, such that it made something so magnificent looks bleh so I thought there was really no point taking them anymore.
Much of the treasures were discovered by chance in 1987. For centuries, the relics of Buddha as well as the paraphernalia from the Tangs Dynasty remained sealed, hidden and forgotten under the pagoda, near Famen Temple which was one of the most revered Buddhist site in China. Even back then, Chang-an (the old Xi-an) was the capital of Tang and a hub for economic and cultural exchange. You can totally imagine how much artwork and commercial goods was found in this showcase!
Hands on
And for big kids or families with kids, you will be glad to know that there are hands-on stations present. I was having some fun stamping until my BF maturely told me that the focus of this excursion was to know my heritage better and not fight with 5-years-old on stamping machines *sheepish grin*
The straw pretty much broke for him when I played with the ancient beauty fan. There were a whole bunch of stickers there. Not knowing they were supposed to be pasted on a fan with a woman's face, I promptly pasted the blue sticker on my forehead and shamelessly asking "Ain't I a beauty?" He managed to calmly reason "I don't think it will stay too long there" which pretty much left me pouting and after that embarrassed when I realised the real use for it *chuckles at my own idiocrasy*
ACM Abassador
And some of the frivolous photos I took while he was absorbing knowledge. This includes the rubber ducky which won the million dollar duck race, my fascination with Lego pieces (which he kept harping this is not part of the exhibit, don't take photo la) and his bedroom (the slum house) LOL LOL LOL! And last but not least, some photos of myself to show I WAS THERE!
Sorry for blogging about it so late, the exhibition will be over on 4 May. can still visit the ACM. It is free for all Singaporeans and Permanent Citizens, just remember to bring along your ID! Not exactly a perfect spot for a date I guess, espeically if you have a GF who wants to play and less inclined to learn...heez

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