Friday, May 23, 2014

The Crown of Glory

Flora Crowns
You have seen these girls. Whether you are a blogger or an avid selfie taker, a flora crown is one of the must-have props every girl should have.
Wait hold on, before you go on. CHAA IS THAT YOU!!! THAT ASIAN GIRL IN THE COLLAGE!
Oh yeah *unabashedly* I guess that gorgeous young lady is me. I have made the ranks and is finally crowned royalty with a bouquet sitting snuggly on my head. You must have seen by now that lately all my reviews have this flora chain nestling somewhere. It just makes everything looks so dreamy and photos more aesthetic. *sighs* Perfect prop.
Even I look so dreamily good, like a dainty, sweet girl, don't you think? I am sure you girls are now wondering this little head prop must cost you a dear. But for a dear, you have to give a dear, my dear. (Gosh, I hope this word play is not confusing you. :P)  But yes, flora crowns don't come cheap, especially handmade ones. I have seen many from overseas, the most famous being crown and glory that would cost you a hand and leg with the shipping cost.
My gorgeous crown is locally made (I support local artisans too ok!) And I think the price is comparable but the currency is different (bless the lord, pounds is nearly twice of SGD) and we don't have to pay for the shipping cost.
If you are not from Singapore/ Malaysia, you may not have heard of Carousell. It is a selling platform but it is not as specialised in handmade products as Etsy. I received my crown from a lovely seller named, Anis who has extremely nimble fingers. She is a really nice lady, and if you are looking for flora crowns/ clips for photoshoots or weddings, please do hit her up. And did I tell you, she also has a great eye for fashion.
She did went through with me the process of making each crown. And I cringed hearing how difficult it is, even though she can effortlessly make a few in an hour. Burning the tips, picking the flowers and weaving them with a ribbon using even and constant force. Gosh, it is all so difficult. My crown was actually a soft crown, which makes it more bendable and comfortable on the head as well. When I went home, I sort of inspected the crown and honestly, it is just well-made and there is really nothing not to like about.
Guilty as charged for parading around the house in the crown like the Emperor in the Emperor's New Clothes. There was just an unexplainable surge of excitement and confidence in one's beauty with the crown on my head. LOL! I even tried putting them on my Dad (who barked at me), Brother (who gave me grim look) and BF (who said he would wear a Laurel Wreath to complement me) Very unfortunate, but the men in my life do not share my fascination.
No 2 crowns are ever alike (everyone is handmade). You can definitely customise your own crown. I have picked a few from Anis' Carousell that you may like in the collage above. I am more of a pastel pink/purple/blue person. But maybe you may like brighter colours :)
If you feel that a flora crown is a little too fanciful and overwhelming for you, she has really lovely flora hair combs. When I met her, she had one on her head and it just looked so beautiful on her thick wavy hair. My hair is a little on the straight side so it may not look as good on me. But if you have nice curls, I think these combs will look fabulous on you.
I didn't review them so I cannot comment much about the quality. But from the quality of her crown, I don't think quality is a cause for worry. And compared to the crowns, the combs is actually something you are more likely to wear out. So if you are not a quirky or spontaneous person, I think this flora combs will suit you just well.
I really hope you guys like this review cos I felt that there was not many handmade flora combs/crowns options in Singapore and even less people providing feedback to advise people on what to buy and where to buy. So do drop Anis a visit if you have been contemplating on getting one for yourself and your girlfriends for the longest time. I am sure both of you will work something delightful out :)

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