Saturday, June 21, 2014


Cookie Cutter
As you all may know, I was sponsored some cookie cutters from Simple Gift Shop. I haven't really got a chance to review them because I was so busy. I was thinking of baking only during the Hari Raya weekends. But since BF's family got a new oven which needed some testing, we decided to bake! :D
My goodies arrived safely bubble wrapped. I received the Hello Kitty cutters and Sesame Street press cutters! It is all really exciting for me because I am a "home" baker. I don't really use much tools and usually we just make them into whatever shapes we like. So for the first time, my cookies might just have a theme. omg~~~
Phoon Huat
I got my baking stuff from Phoon Huat - Clementi. The variety, in my opinion isn't that fantastic but the staff is helpful and you basically can get what you want.
For those who are interested, here are the details:
Blk 432, Clementi Avenue 3, #01-292/294
Operation hours: 10:00am to 9:30pm daily
Baking Stuff
So for all the stuff we bought, we only spent about S$20. Apart from the chocolates and Oreos, we bought them from NTUC which was a little on the expensive side.
We opted for unsalted butter instead. Honestly, I don't there is any significant differences between salted and unsalted butter. But, I am just uncomfortable with butter having salt for something that is sweet so I always go for unsalted.
Human Mixer
My BF has no baking tools at all. And so for all those who are like him, I am here to assure you that it is possible to bake without any baking tools. We had no mixer that day. So he used his "bulging biceps" to stir the mixture into a dough and he calls it good exercise. -.- You do need a strong arm if you want to do it our way.
We didn't use measuring cups, just normal cups (hahaha). Anyway, baking is all about proportion really. Our first batch failed cos we added too much eggs and also partially cos sigh, he distracted me with a movie and I failed to watch it! YOU MUST ALWAYS WATCH THEM BAKE!!!
And so tada~~ presenting our 2nd batch of love-child. Hey why are there no hello kitty?!?
Let me tell you why, sigh...the chief baker said it was not necessary to let the dough sit in the fridge. And so the dough was moist. And you know what happens to gooey dough, you cant shape them into cute kitties, so we settled for round famous amos!
And psstt~~~ guys usually lack the patience to make them into delectable shapes. And he dumped the excess Oreos by the side of the plate so that his family would eat them! Hahaha~~~
Overall, it was great fun. But I will do another review on the cookie cutter...Promise...And this time we will have cute kitties. Hope you learnt from our errors. And never trust a guy on baking matters! LOL...

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