Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Cure to A Plus

When you are a student, the most defining piece of yourself is actually the pencil box and the school bag, since everything else is or will be pretty much identical with the rest of your school mates anyway. :)
Thought you guys might be interested in an online shop, Cure Plus that customise pencil boxes, which makes them a very sweet and special gifts (functional too) for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.
To find funding for JQ's trip, Cure Plus was born. Here are some of the designs that I particularly like found on her site. Personally I thought vibrant and more complicated art looked particularly good.
The customisation process is easy. You just had to pick 4 designs, front back and 2 interiors, 21 * 12cm each. You also have the option to pick your thread colour and zipper type.
You will be glad to know that the pencil box are safely put in a ziplock bag when sent by box. So you don't really have to be weary of any bad weather or accidental spillage. The pencil boxes itself are also made of laminated materials. They are glossy and waxy at touch so they themselves are also pretty much water-proof.
One thing of caution you may want to take note, I believe it might leave crease lines when bend. So, you might not want to put too many stationary in it if like me, you customised photos on it instead. Perhaps you would consider keeping them as mementoes.
customiseSo this is how my pencil box looked like in the end...I love it a lot really. I was considering giving it to the BF on his birthday. But it came too late (not JQ's fault but mine mainly, cos I procrastinated and took a long time picking the photos. She was very kind and offered to pass me on the day itself :) ), so now I am considering giving it for convocation. It is so difficult to buy guys stuff for their convocation. I don't want to undermine his masculinity with soft toys and stuff.  Which made me think...hey this could make a good gift for convocation :)
JQ picked the zipper and thread colour for me, which was great. Cos I have colour combination problem anyway. And I didn't pick any pictures for the interior, which explains why it is a pure white. I love how the way the thread is neatly sewed - of cos it is probably machine, but it looks very sleek. Haha.
I have shown some of my friends the photos and the comments I generally receive is like woa...Cos it is really so simple but yet something special and makes you amazed. :)
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And I bet many of you will be happy to know that it is very affordable as well. A handmade pencil would cost around $20, depends on the amount of customisation you make. And she does caricature too. But of course, that would come at a slight premium, costing around $25.
So do drop Cure Plus visit if interested, Cure yourself the headache from wrecking your head over the perfect gift. Give yourself an A Plus for finding something so wonderful to give. Is that what Cure Plus stands for? *chuckles*

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