Saturday, June 14, 2014

Super Heroes Unite: Mount Faber Peak

From 31 May 2014 till March next year, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern have identified our Singapore Cable Car as the perfect vehicle to combat evil that lurks in the sky and save the day!
As part of their 40th Anniversary celebrations, Singapore Cable Car has presented us with a new "joy-ride" experience, using in-cabin Augmented Reality (AR) technology to bring out the characters and missions to life. This is the first ever in Asia!
Bless my lucky stars, my brother and I are going to be sidekicks and help protect the world from the bad, evil and unkind!
Fly With The Super Heroes
The day started with an overcast sky, shrouded in dark evil probably. My brother and I made our way up to the peak to receive our orders in the "normal" cable car. Well, we don't everyone to know that we are sidekicks do we? *winks*
Yup, just for information sake, not all the cable cars are decorated with the superhero themes (only 45!), giving riders the option to pick and choose. And yes, if you are taking the theme rides, it would come at a slight premium. 
Spuds and Aprons
Our Mission Centre was at Spuds & Aprons where we were supposed to design our superhero capes. However, the 2 siblings are not exactly the brightest sparks on the universe so we got ourselves a little lost and were late. :(
We didn't really had a chance to dig in our energy food and make our costumes cos we didn't want to be left behind and miss out on the butt-kicking actions. We were given felt cloths, superglue and markers to bring home though. Anyway, the view up there is gorgeous. It was almost like the view at Salt Grill & Sky Bar. So pretty!
SideKick Fame
While waiting for our cool ride, we walked around taking pictures :) As it was still drizzling, we were restricted to the sheltered areas. But the photo spots are plentiful!
Excitement level: 10/10 
As we prepared to board, we tried out our masks (Each cable car ticket would come with 4 Super Heroes Mask as well as a souvenir booklet)
Batman Green LanternWe had the options to pick our rides. Our first ride was Green Lantern and the second ride was Batman. Stepping inside the themed cabin, we were welcomed by the graphic wraps in both the interior and exterior of the cabins. As contrast to our earlier ride, it just had flowers hung around the edges.
This collage contains a mixture of the first and second rides. So please don't be too confused :) It is really easy to activate the characters. You just have to download the "Flying with Super Heroes" App on your phone. Just take a shot of the AR marker in the cabin and you will unlock the superhero. Next thing you know, there will be action all around the cabin. 
Green LanternI wouldn't exactly say it is the most friendly app to use. The AR was at fixed position so you pretty much had to move yourself to fit in the heroes. Sometimes you would appear too big beside the heroes. Other times, you just look odd.
It helps that the motions are the same, so after a while you pretty much figure out where the heroes will be popping out. During my first ride, a family boarded our cabin halfway. And it was just awkward~~~We stopped taking any photos. So yea, try to have a cabin to yourself.
The punch
There was definitely some moments of frustration as we tried our best to be useful sidekicks. My brother punched the Green Lantern in fury LOL!
But thankfully, the organiser managed to advise us on better ways to use the App and we went on round 2 with Batman which I think we managed to capture better shots. The app comes with cropping action as well as stickers. However do take in landscape so that you can insert them in the right orientation. We had a few portrait shots...Sigh...
Guess Batman was a better boss LOL! I was kinda worried about the privacy issues. But phew, no one else have access to the photos. They are safe in the App. You could also take videos too. I tried. But I can't find the video
My brother graded Round 1: 8/10 and Round 2: 6/10. The appeal decreased with each ride cos basically there isn't much you can do on one ride apart from snapping photos. For those who are keen on riding the different themes, you can do it at an additional $10 fee, which is pretty reasonable in my opinion.
View Up ThereI do think if you are visiting Sentosa, do consider taking the themed cable car in!
Adult: S$29
Child: S$18
Definitely suitable for outings with friends, family and lover <3
See You ThereGuess the day is saved by the Sibling Duo. See you there! And thank you Fiona and Fulvia for the invites. :)

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