Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day - Merlet Wine Tasting

The thing about Father's Day - there always seem to be less activities going on. Not that it seems to be very fair for them, since it takes 2 - mother and father, to create such a lively life like moi. 
This year, we went down to La Maison du Whisky at Robertson Quay for a Merlet wine tasting session. Sounding real atas~~~
CognacMerlet may be a foreign sounding brand to many. It is from France and more of a small house brand I would say. Even in Singapore, you can't really find it in our duty free shops or supermarkets.
We got the chance to try the cognac (brandy) and also the fruit liqueurs. The Cognac Brothers Blend was strong, it burns a little but my face flushed red immediately. I wouldn't exactly say it is my choice drink for a casual, social business drink.
The fruit liqueurs on the other hand, was so delicious. I really did enjoy the sweet grape and peach. And the Triple Sec concoction is not to be missed!
Honestly, my family is made up of drinkers, but only my Dad knows what he is drinking. I for one is just someone who is happily intoxicated. I don't like it when my face goes red though so I edited my own picture. :(
My Mum did commented that it unbecoming of me to get so drunk in broad daylights but come on, it is a celebratory occasion anyway :P
Thought I would end on a high note ~no pun intended~ sharing a photo of Dad in his Super Dad Cape pose...LOL!
To all fathers, have a happy day~!~ It is that once in a year moment where you are celebrated for your dedication in always being there for your offsprings :)

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