Monday, June 2, 2014

Big Day 2: 2014

Finally the big day came...*excited*
Even though I took a day off for it, I only had to start entertaining him in the afternoon. In the morning, I went to Lady M to collect his birthday cake. I wanted to buy the 9" Signature Mille Crepes because he had so many people in his house. But in the end, I settled for 6" not because it was cheaper but because 9" cakes, you had to book 3 days in advance! To readers who ain't aware about it, yup 3 days in advance!
To be honest, I was so excited about his birthday, I already have a good deal of cake shops I have shortlisted for his subsequent birthdays *Giggles*
Happy Birthday
And finally the long-awaited moment, the "present"-ation. LOL! I drew minion Dave myself. Since he likes minion so much, my drawing skills have been improving after drawing it for our important days (that could be up to 3 a year!) *gasp* Haha. 
I decided to finally give him the print from Krize Smiling Shop without the purple frame. Cos I don't really think he likes purple. He thought I drew it myself. If only I had half the talent of Kristina *Sighs* So now, he has work to do, since he will be shopping himself a nice frame for it. Anyway the little Gemini boy looks really like him HAHAHA. My Mum thought it was intentional but it was just coincidental.
La Bi
And he got himself a nice pair of Drilleys, which *surprise surprise* was a good fit for him. I thought it would be too big. Can't imagine he has such big feet!
Purposely requested a brown pair of Drilleys for him because I knew he always wore this red pole tee and brown shorts. With his thick bushy eyebrow, he is totally like an overgrown La Bi Xiao Xin. HAHAHA!!!
Cathay Platinum 1-For-1
Honestly, I didn't really plan. I had lots of ideas but no concrete ones because I didn't really wanted him to figure out there was something in store for him. So we spent lunch at his house deciding what to do. And ~~~ we decided on the 1-for-1 Student Deal at Platinum Movie Suites. We had always wanted to do this so this was the perfect opportunity. Plus it was a lot cheaper.
Platinum SuiteWe decided to catch Maleficent since he caught X-men already. I have to say it was so luxurious. We first had a lounge area to ourselves and a few others. Since we weren't exactly there early, we couldn't really slack around a lot. I just went around taking a lot of pictures since it was a rare moment where he was in such deliriously good mood he let me took many photos of him. :) Plus the place had some nice areas where I could take some nice snaps. Hehe...
Dark Selfies
Maleficent was a great show really. Good plot and credible acting. But I was excited. Tada~~~ended up with a great deal of in the dark selfies. He had a few with me too!!!
And we ordered some food and drinks, which was pleasantly reasonably priced and tasted really good. I wasn't really focusing on the movie much. I was either munching, cuddling my nice blankie or stealing looks at him. Geez....
Trick Eye
And since Westgate had some 3-D arts, he even gamely took a shot. 0.o He must be really not himself that day. Me Vs Him...who do you think took it better? Hahahaha...
After these, we headed back to his house cos knowing this family dude, he probably would want to cut his cake with his family more than me alone. Plus, I was shagged and feeling a little giddy.
The awkward moment when his Mum and I both bought a cake. I was like "uh-oh". So how does it feel like to be a guy trapped between 2 women? You just man it out and eat both cakes. Haha. 2 is always better than 1. LOL!
Sadly, the crepe didn't look as good as in the store. But honestly, it was not a fancy cake to begin with. It tasted just as good though. Maybe it isn't the perfect choice for a birthday cake cos these are supposed to have sprinklers etc. so that they look pretty in photos right. In the end, I even managed to ta-bao cakes home. hahah~~~
Guess the biggest receiver of his birthday -- gotcha be me... *smiles*
Couple Shoes~~Jiang Jiang~~ We have couple shoes!!! *happy*

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