Sunday, June 8, 2014

Journey to the Middle East: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Rhythms of the Land

IMG_3508 Hehe, today I am going for an excursion. I look so XMM in this photo (Y). :)
保养有方 (First Chinese words)...*means: good maintenance LOL*
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Cos we needed to support Daddy, so the family had to go. The exhibition was "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Rhythms of the Land". Like its traditional costume for women, I always felt the country was shrouded in mystery. It is definitely a good opportunity to experience the rich culture and understand religion, history, art, language, culture, education, and economy of this very prosperous yet understated country.
We were first welcome by a gigantic red tent on the ground floor, where there were pots and kettles laid out. Most guests are usually invited by sweet tea and dates. 
Also, there were my favourite henna stations. :) Mum and I had art work did on our hands and arms respectively. It wasn't really the traditional one. Here, the gals drew them using templates. And the henna used wasn't from the "green cone" brand. The colour wasn't as dark. It was like a nearly fading mud colour after it was done. But I thought using templates was quite a cool idea, especially for people like me who has absolutely no artistic flair. Will probably be trying them out soon. *Dad fell asleep waiting for us ladies*
Up at the exhibition level, there were also opportunities to try out their tradition costumes. I tried a very typical black one along with the hijab. It was very, very warm. I thought the male's costumes had more variety. And I thought I looked so "ninja" Haha. In some of the photos, I forgot and I smiled. There was an ":(" moment when I realised no one could see my smile anyway. My dad and bro kept calling me a shadow because I am pretty much like one in black and all stealth mode.
The hajib has always been a topic on woman's rights. For me, I just didn't like it all. It hid a woman's individuality and emotions. Everyone just looked the same when draped in a black cloth. Although, I do understand the kind intention, protecting our modesty from the leering eyes of men. But I would like to think as the world becomes more developed, men should be able to show more self-restraint and respect to women with or without the hijab. I just value freedom of dressing hahaha.
Like all exhibitions, there are a lot of information boards around. I particularly like their 3d models showing the mosques in Mecca and Medina. Overall, I would say there was a good spread of information with regards to their economy, culture, lifestyle and history. I think it could also be particularly interesting because we are not very familiar with Saudi Arabia to begin with. There were also calligraphist that would write your name in Arabic. :) They go by sound apparently.
If you are keen to learn more, do drop by the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library In the National Library Building. The exhibition will be on from 06 June to 27 Jul. So do catch it while it is still there. :)

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