Friday, July 4, 2014

LOTD: Weed Dope on the Loose

It has been a long time since I did a LOTD. Haha. But I guess I was lazy. So I pretty much draped whatever I wanted to show to the world in a post. :P I would call it a lay back look perhaps, like those R&B Hobo!
Got a nice steal from G2000 at like 29 bucks for a jacket I thought I would be wearing to Germany. Ended up going to Taiwan I guess, but still it was cheap, dirt cheap in fact and I really like it. Probably wont pair it pantless like this, this was indeed me being awfully lazy...looking like some weed dope who just woke up LOL
My bro lent me his funky heart glasses. Actually he gave them to me, cos he can't really visualise himself wearing such crazy stuff so it is now mine...Whee~~~
Lastly, my mocking jay necklace. Wanted to get one for the loongest time, finally lay my paws on one. And I even got a broach as well. Don't really know where I left mine :(
The Bling Thing
Jacket: G2000
Necklace: West Mall Box Boss
Shades: Brother

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