Sunday, July 27, 2014

Florasia: Garden of Eden

Plants GaloreHello people, I truly hope you like plants because today I am doing a review all about cutesy indoor plants. When most people talk about indoor plants, the first thing that naturally pops into your head is probably Terrarium. Maybe you don't know what is a Terrarium, but you will definitely go something like "plant in a glass bottle". Yeah, no doubt about it, in Singapore that is probably the more popular choice when we think of indoor plants. 
But have you ever thought of potted plants? Today, I will share with you some alternative plants that you can try to grow at home or in the office. I know the biggest fear you have have is the Midas "Touch of Go(ld) and die". But trust me, some plants are pretty easy to maintain. I don't have much of a green thumb either.
Perhaps some of you are already aware of Florasia, and might have seen her plants in boxes all around Singapore. I did my own research and I have to agree that her plants and accessories are one of the most afforable in town. Whether you are a budding gardener or a plant hobbist, her store is definitely one good place you can visit to stock up. 
I dropped by her Peek-a-box at Bugis+ and it is really easy to find cos her boxes were facing out. The interior was gaily decorated with lots of pretty ornaments and baby cactuses as well as fittonia. She owns 3 boxes so there is really no way you can miss out the boxes. Moreover, you know how boxes are like, they are always filled with the same handphone accessories, so seeing plants are actually quite a refreshing sight!
Peek A BoxThere were a lot of options and I was very spoilt for choice - plants and pots. Took such a long time to decide on one. I was contemplating one for the BF instead, but (I can't believe I am saying this) on my way home, I decided that this plant should be mine and solely mine. HAHAHA! He can jolly well get another for himself. I wanted to choose a flowering cactus but the business was so good, it was out of stock. :( 
On each pot, there are also drawings on it, which could be removable. I was quite mortified when the owner told me you could remove the drawings if I didn't like it. It was really well drawn so I was thinking "who on earth would really want to remove it" Each potted plant cost roughly ($18 to $28) and it comes with an accessory of your choice and a stick for you to either customize your message or picked one that is actually pre-written. :)My chosen Plant And tada, presenting my chosen plant, I have to say picking a plant is like picking a pet, you really need to find one that speaks out to you. And this little plant spoke out to me :) I picked a porcupine accessory cos one of my nick is Spiky Hahaha. And I also received 2 other ornaments which I can probably alternate so that my plant looks different every week :P By the way, each accessory cost only $5 (really lowest price in town!). Apart from using it as an ornament, you can also use it as a paper weight.
My Fittonia is one independent plant. Doesn't really need much attention, just got to water it a day or 2, when the plants look fainty. And best of all, it is a great office plant cos indoor lighting works well for her. If you have purchased any other potted plants, you can also visit this page to find out more. I think the English Ivy looks really good as well, but I didn't see it in the box that day. OOS again I think...Sigh
Also, you need any flower arrangement expertise or a bouquet to impress your loved one, Florasia also provides such service. Do note that a few days advance booking would be required. So do drop her a visit, I am very sure it will worth your while...

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