Saturday, July 19, 2014

Review: Sweet Stationary for you ~

Fuchsia Pink
Last week, Mr Postman dropped me a fuchsia coloured plastic package - one of my favourite colours! o.O I don't really receive such colours often.  
Like a cave-woman, I ripped apart the package wrapping. There is really nothing left of it.
Stationary Goodies
And tada ~~ in it, I found stationary goodies from Sweet Craft. It is not just cute. It is very cute!!! You know the thing about being a female, you become a girl all over again when you see adorable stuff. You squeak, you giggle and you chatter. :P
Sweet Craft is an online store that specialises in DIY art and craft tools for card-making, crafting and letter-writing. I am not sure if kids nowadays write. But during my time (sounding real old, as I type these words...sigh), I used to write a lot to my friends. Especially for their birthdays, we girls will be writing long birthday wishes. Now, I still try to do so but of course, I don't have as much time as before :( *Pouts*
I have really good news for letter writers out there. You know most of the cute papers are usually thin and very flimsy. But not Sweet Craft paper. I was really quite shock by the quality. It was very very good. As I was arranging it to take photos of them, I was like thinking "this paper quality not bad woa!"
And I like the fact they had quite a few variety of envelopes to choose from, ranging from sophisticated to cutesy. The papers I received were black in colour. They have the normal white and brown papers. There was a point in time writing on black paper was cool. And they really look good if you have a nice silver pen or Gold pen. :)
Of cos, I tested them out writing to my lover, but nope. not going to let you guys see my message... Hehe *blush*
Zebra Planner
2 of my favourite products were the 100 day planner and the Coloured Zebra papers! The 100 day planner is particularly useful for students and people like me who are having exams soon. So you can actually plan your day using a count-down style. Not sure if you young kids are aware of this, but seeing your dreams and goals actually make you more likely to achieve them!
The coloured zebra paper is just pure cute! I saw it and I was like Awww~~~ and there is a cat version. Even cuter~~~
And lastly, the every girl must-have is cute post-it pads. I prefer the frogs one better than the bunnies. But there is so much more available. *Squeaks* 
Just a creative idea to share, if you get their cute animals or the Tribal Folks post it, you can actually cut the top up and use them for crafting. I might try them out with my frogs so stay tune for my other posts - which will be on their accessories. :)
Take Care and be prepared for my series of post *gasp*

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