Saturday, July 12, 2014

Double the Shiok, Beef Vs Chicken

i'm loving it
Macs is every kid's favourite, and my fascination... Yea, one thing that really amazed me about Macs is its ability to keep innovating, coming with new and amazing trends.
Whether it is the Hello Kitty or the seaweed fries, Macs never fail to surprise or impress! :P At least for the Singapore's branches; I went to one in the U.S. And I was like bleh. The toilets were dirty and the restaurant was empty. But Singapore Macs is just great! One of my overseas readers saw the other write-up I did last time and was so in awe with how our Macs is *Singapore Pride*
Satay Fan
I was kindly invited down to celebrate true Singaporean Shiokness at McDonald's. At first I thought it could be Hello Kitty Craze Round Infinity *Fist Punch* 
But neh, we were first welcomed by rattan fans. Yep like those Ji Gong, Ah Ma fan. We were supposed to make a guess and the first thing that popped into my head was retro. Lol. Cos you know how a lot of shopping centers are hopping onto the bandwagon with their "back to the 70s" theme. But McDonald's being creative as usual...offered something more...
Tada~~ Presenting the Shiok Shiok Chicken/ Beef Satay Burger which we got to taste first-hand. :) The Chicken patty is skinless (first time ever...) and I have to say it tasted pretty succulent . Both the beef and chicken satay burgers come with crunchy onions, cucumber slices and peanut sauce (the satay sauce). I have to say the chicken skinless patty was nice but it didn't really go as well with the sauce. The double beef patties were just heavenly with the peanut sauce!!!
Playing Food
And here are some of my best photos of the day! I have to say these photos took every ounce of self-control. It was a Friday night! And I was starving but due to my commitment to my art, I did not do the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the burgers. I could hear voices screaming "Eat Me" "Eat Me"... The aroma of the peanut was just so tantalizing.
But instead I showed so much self-restraint. I angled and I snapped using the fan as the prop to block other set meals. I still don't understand how I managed that but I want you dear readers to know that these photos were pure hard work. I was like playing with food when I should be gobbling them down.
And when I took my bites, I looked like the most blissful kid on earth! The Strawberry McFizz also had real strawberry bits in it. They were soft and could be sucked up by the normal straw. 0.o
By the way, just some trivial before I forget, I learned a new way to eat the apple pie! And that is put it into the fridge. I tried that with the banana pie and was delicious. The next day, I tried with an apple pie. And it was OMG...fantastic. And you know, I think I like it cold more. :) S$1 only, cheap cheap sia...
From 15 july onwards, you will be seeing them making waves at all McDonald's outlets. The ala carte burger are priced at $5.50 each. Make it an Extra Value meal and it is only at $1.10 more. So much more value for money since it comes with a Medium French Fries and a small cup of coke. SHIIIOOOKKKKKKK~~~ 
Chicken Vs Beef
The Battle between the Chicken Satay Burger and Beef Burger will soon begin...
Who is more Shiok Shiok? Tell me okay? My vote lies in Beef. I hope I don't sway your votes. Hehe...

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